"A poignant story of four African-American men who bravely fought cancer."

You Have Cancer reveals how four best friends who grew up in the same neighborhood and went to the same schools and the same Church suffered from the same dreaded disease at the same time. According to the National Cancer Institute, African-American males have the highest overall cancer incidence and death rates. By focusing on and calling attention to a disease that is a major killer of African-American males, we hope to make them aware of early cancer signs and to encourage them to make regular doctors visits. We share our personal stories to uplift and inspire cancer patients and their caregivers and to show them coping and survival techniques.  We also inform them of resources available.  We show them the power of prayer in their healing processes. 

You Have Cancer presents the poignant and often over--whelming experiences of real people. It shows how the lives of these men were suddenly and dramatically changed by one sentence, “You have cancer,” and the fear, anxiety, anger, sorrow, and depression it caused in them and their families and friends.

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