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The Negotiation Book

50 practical steps to becoming a master negotiator

128 pages
LID Publishing

The Negotiation Book will help you develop your emotional intelligence so you can become a highly skilled negotiator in all areas of your life—whether you're negotiating with customers, colleagues, family, or friends.

You'll take a journey to becoming a master negotiator, this book equipping you with the tools and techniques to put negotiation theory into practice. Learn how to:

  • Develop a winning mind-set
  • Prepare successfully for any negotiation
  • Recognize and respond to different negotiation situations
  • Deal effectively with gameplay
  • Manage the negotiation conversation
  • Understand how to draw negotiations to a successful close.

An inspiring and engaging handbook packed with Nicole Soames' expert advice, practical tools, and exercises, The Negotiation Book will help you master the art of negotiation quickly and effectively.

Author Bio
Nicole Soames is a highly qualified coach and EQ practioner. She is also the founder and CEO of Diadem, a commercial skills training and coaching company that has more than 75 clients in 12 different countries, and has helped more than 2,500 people become commercial athletes in selling and influencing, account management, marketing, presenting, strategy, coaching, leadership, and management.