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Not Fit for Human Consumption

Triggered Traumatic Memories and the Violence Profile

A. P. Filosa, Psy,D.

106 pages
Anne F Creekmore Psy D
The specter of violence is a persuasive threat in the world affecting individuals, societies and nations. But if the underlying causes of this strife are understood, it can be prevented, treated and eradicated. In "Not Fit for Human Consuption: Triggered Traumatic Memories and the Violence Profile", author Dr. A.P. Filosa, Psy.D., investigates and explains the symptoms of this affliction, offering hope to those wishing to live a normal, healthy, violence-free life.
Author Bio
Dr A. P.Filosa Psy.D. Is A Well Known Licensed Clinical Psychologist In The Virginia Area, And Is Highly Regarded For Work With Individuals, Couples & Families And The "Love Yourself, Love Your Life" Workshops.