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Wisdom and Ways of Abundance

Anne P. Filosa

16 pages
Anne F Creekmore Psy D
Wisdom and Ways of Abundance describes simply and clearly highly advanced personal practices to enhance your happiness, health and prosperity. By synthesizing the wisdom of the ages into simple easy practices, some of which you have never heard of before,you can create the life you have always desired You will also recieive, for the extrememly low price of $4.99, Dr. Anne's Wellbeing Hypnosis CD, as well as other free gifts, a Whole Fulfilled Person chart and "Scientific Prayer " recipe with steps to visualize and create your own heaven on earth.
Author Bio
Dr. Anne is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in private practice in Virginia, providing individual, couples and family therapy,workshops, hypnosis, and whole health healing for over twenty years. She has also written a incredible book called Love Yourself Love Your Life. For more information, please feel free to check out her websites: www.psychologistsinvirginia.com and www.loveyourselfloveyourlife.com