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Balance on the Ball

Exercises Inspired by the Teachings of Joseph Pilates

Elisabeth Crawford

Balance on the Ball combines the smooth, controlled movements of Pilates with the instability of a ball to provide a fun, challenging workout for people at all levels of fitness. Black-and-white photographs clearly illustrate over 100 exercises, focusing on core stabilization, muscle tone, and flexibility. Each exercise provides helpful tips for maintaining optimal form and alignment, modifications or advanced variations, and a list of muscle groups used. As the first book to integrate stability ball training with the Pilates method, Balance on the Ball explains how the principles of Pilates”breathing, concentration, centering, precision, control, movement flow and rhythm”are integral to exercising on the ball. The author emphasizes correct alignment and the quality of movement rather than the number of repetitions or speed at which they are performed. These essential concepts may be incorporated into the rest of your fitness routine, as well as into your daily life, for a greater sense of harmony and balance.