Fulfillment Services FAQs

If you have a question about any of our services to help you get a book ready for publication, look here first. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, contact us

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How long is my contract?

A: That varies by type of contract. Please see your representative for details.

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How do I access my reports?

A: Through our online Account Management System, available 24/7.

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Can bookstores order my title directly from Bookmasters?

A: Yes. They can order from us by doing the following:1. Placing their order from the catalog or through the sales representative who calls on their store.

2. Emailing their orders to orders@atlasbooks.com.

3. Calling in their orders to 1-800-BOOKLOG.

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When should I send stock to the Bookmasters warehouse?

A: Your book should be in our warehouse 30 days before publication date. We accept shipments from any carrier, but we do not accept collect shipments.

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Is Bookmasters compliant with all major commercial shipping account requirements with companies like Barnes & Noble, Ingram, Amazon, etc.?

A: Yes. For more than 25 years, we have provided fulfillment services and have remained current on requirements as they evolve.

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How quickly are my orders shipped?

A: Your orders are shipped in one to two business days.

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How can I check my inventory levels?

A: You can access that through our online Account Management System.

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If Bookmasters handles the collection of my sales, when do I get paid?

A: Usually within seven days from the end of the month in which funds are collected. However, there may be variations for special circumstances.

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How do I properly report for sales tax collected by Bookmasters?

A: For fulfillment and distribution accounts for which Bookmasters invoices and collects sales revenue on behalf of the publisher, Bookmasters will invoice, collect, and remit sales taxes to the appropriate tax authority for consumer sales delivered to Ohio and New York, only. Other states in which the publisher has nexus are the responsibility of the publisher. Publishers may request in writing that Bookmasters collect sales tax to states in which the publisher has nexus. In those cases, the sales taxes collected will be remitted to the publisher for proper reporting and remittance to the appropriate state tax authority.

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Can Bookmasters help me with my marketing?

A: Yes. Bookmasters can supplement your existing promotional plan or help you design a plan. We offer services a la carte, such as event development and public relations services, or we can create and manage a comprehensive marketing package for your title. Contact Bookmasters to learn more about your marketing options.

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Can Bookmasters sell my title(s) outside of North America?

A: Yes. Bookmasters has programs covering many overseas markets, including the UK, Western Europe, Latin America, and Japan.