Editorial Services

Editorial Services

Even if you’ve been diligent in your efforts to self-correct every error and you had a friend or family member review it for mistakes, are you confident that your manuscript is in a professionally publishable state? After all, any grammatical mistakes that make it to print will reflect poorly on the finished product, so it’s critical that you have your manuscript reviewed and corrected by editorial professionals.

Bookmasters’ editorial services team treats your manuscript as if it was our own, thoroughly reviewing it, re-reading it, and correcting it as needed so it’s free of errors and is still reader friendly. Our U.S.-based project managers will work closely with you to keep your project on schedule and within budget during the editing process.

You can rely on Bookmasters for the following editorial services:

Copyediting. Correcting errors in your manuscript and ensuring its consistency and continuity while retaining the “author’s voice” is the cornerstone of the copyediting process. Our production team has an average of 20 years of publishing experience. Their attention to detail and dedication to accuracy will give you peace of mind that your manuscript reads as best it can. Our editing and proofreading work is U.S.-based and electronic, keeping communication simple, increasing efficiency, and keeping your wait time to a minimum. Choose from many editorial styles such as Chicago, APA, or your own house style preference.

Proofreading. Proofreading is primarily concerned with how the pages look and read on a more “global basis.” When it comes to reviewing your book’s final pages, our proofreaders have a keen eye and fastidious attention to detail. Their primary focus is on the book’s overall presentation: Are the page elements throughout the book correct and in place? Are the margins the correct width, and do the pages bottom out? Are there bad breaks, ladders, and widows/orphans to be cleaned up and adjusted? Are the fonts in place? Are the art and captions correct? Did any text fall out or not get set?

Indexing. The most effective indexes are developed with the book’s audience in mind. Key topics, which may not be stated directly, can be hard to index correctly without professional experience. We have educated and knowledgeable editorial staff that are experts in many fields to help push the indexing process along. We also rely on professional indexers who index by hand rather than via any automated systems, saving you time and frustration all the while compiling a complete and user-friendly index.

Assessment. Our editorial staff will take your manuscript and will read a selected cross-section of chapters. From this, we can assess your writing’s overall strengths and weaknesses, covering plot development, continuity, characterization, and other facets of your book’s construction. Let us be your final “readers” before print! We will offer advice on what you need to work on to tighten up and improve your book’s literary flow, as well as suggestions on what editorial services may help you achieve your writing goals.

Bookmasters also offers other editorial services such as translation into other languages, seeking and securing permissions, accuracy checking, sense reading, and other related services upon request.

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