eBook Creation, eBook Publishing, & eBook Distribution Services

One-stop solution for eBook creation, conversion, distribution, and sales reporting.

Bookmasters offers the best eBook publishing, eBook conversion, and eBook distribution services in the industry for cross-platform file preparation.

We’re your single source for eBook management, from eBook publishing and eBook distribution strategies to conversion, discoverability, and distribution.

By choosing Bookmasters, you have access to:

  • Cross-platform file preparation, including ePUB and ePDF conversion
  • Strategic planning that guides you through the file-conversion and eBook-distribution processes
  • Trusted, reliable files that help you easily promote your eBook
  • Broad distribution opportunities through our relationships with major outlets, such as Amazon®, Apple®, Barnes & Noble®, Kobo®, and Overdrive®
  • Peace of mind, knowing that Bookmasters will store your files and provide them when requested


eBook Conversion
File creation is critical in today’s eReader world. Corrupt files equal low (or no) readership. Bookmasters stays current on the latest file-development processes and requirements of the various eReaders in the market today and can offer exceptional eBook publishing services with this in mind.

If you give us your book, we’ll create ePUB and ePDF files, including proper tagging and online-search capabilities, to make your eBook-publishing experience seamless and help maximize your eBook distribution potential.

You’ll also benefit from our investment in eBook creation. We can suggest ways to make your title more marketable to the eBook community and give you recommendations for animation and other leading-edge technology that will set you apart in the marketplace.


Finally, all eBooks distributed by Bookmasters are protected using industry-leading digital rights management (DRM) technology from Adobe, Microsoft, and eReader.

eBook Distribution
After your files are prepped, you can take advantage of our eBook publishing relationships with popular online retailers. We’ve done the legwork; you reap the benefits. Through our eBook distribution process, we make your book available on bookseller websites, search engines, and your website so that potential readers may discover and buy it immediately.

Bookmasters can also target niche markets and non-traditional eBook distribution channels to disseminate your titles.

For more information on eBook conversion, eBook publishing, and eBook distribution, contact us at 877.312.3520.

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