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Book Distribution Services

For print and eBooks, Bookmasters can increase your exposure.

When you choose Bookmasters’ as your eBook and book distributor, we will take care of getting your title to the market as efficiently as possible.

Our sales team takes your titles directly to book wholesalers, retailers, eBook distributors, and online sellers with whom we have long-standing relationships. By putting your print and eBook titles in front of the industry’s most important decision makers, we open the doors to new sales opportunities and broaden your eBook and book distribution possibilities.

In addition to larger “big-box” trade outlets and retail stores, Bookmasters’ Special Sales Team can sell your titles to non-traditional book distribution channels, including craft stores, museums, libraries, airport bookstores, hospitals, gift shops, and genre-specific stores. Bookmasters can also target niche markets, giving you access to book distribution channels that can get your title even more exposure.

Bookmasters uses the latest industry technology for print and eBook distribution to send your title information to our trading partners while ensuring accuracy of your book’s metadata. We can also include your titles in our seasonal catalogs that we promote to large wholesalers and retailers.

eBook Distribution
After your files are prepped, take advantage of our relationships with popular online retailers, such as Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, and others to sell your eBook. We do the legwork; you reap the benefits.

Through our search and discover platform, previews of your book are disseminated to bookseller websites, search engines, social networks, and publisher websites so that potential readers may discover it.

We also have ways to promote eBooks through Amazon, Apple, and Barnes & Noble to give readers the opportunity to download your eBook at a reduced price (or even for free) to create interest and as a result, spur on future downloads/purchases when your eBook’s price has been restored.

As more than just book distributors with our warehousing, order management, and shipping processes, we complete your sales and track your progress, eliminating logistical headaches.

For more information on print and eBook distribution, request a free quote or contact us at 877.312.3520.

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