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It’s often said “you can’t judge a book by its cover.” Actually, the opposite is true. Your readers can – and will – judge your book on the way it’s presented. If your cover is not attractive and eye-catching, or if it does not clearly reflect the contents within, back on the shelf it goes. And if your book’s interior is unorganized, poorly designed, and hard on the eyes, your reader will once again determine that reading it is more trouble than it’s worth.

Bookmasters understands that the cover design acts as the gateway, catching the reader’s eye and giving a glimpse at what’s inside. Our designers create attractive, individually crafted covers that will complement your book. We also understand that interior layouts are just as important as exterior designs. We pay meticulous attention to important elements like typography and page layouts, ensuring that your book is reader-friendly both inside and out.

You can rely on Bookmasters for the following design services:

Cover design. Bookmasters’ cover designers are formally trained and experienced in fine and commercial art, creating appealing and effective covers for everything from children’s books to college texts. From simple to picturesque, our artists can design a cover to suit your book’s needs.

Interior Design. Coming up with a layout and design that is both attractive and eye-catching, while ensuring that the book’s message isn’t lost on the reader is something at which Bookmasters excels. We have a wide selection of standard designs to choose from, or we can create a custom-designed interior for a nominal fee.

Typesetting. When your manuscript is flowed into your book’s design template, our typesetters are reviewing the text and ensuring that your message is retained as written. Having a typesetting specialist review the pages as they’re being created gives you the peace of mind that nothing is being left out, misaligned, changed, or otherwise altered during the process.

Art creation. Bookmasters’ graphic designers can produce original artwork to support and enhance your text, including tables, charts, and graphs. We also have a staff of artists who can create original illustrations and figures for your interior as well.

eBook conversion. Good design doesn’t just apply to print books. Our eBook conversion services will transform your book’s final pages into ePUB and ePDF formats – the two most prevalent electronic book formats used by a wide variety of eReaders. We can also convert your book into KF8 and Apple-compatible formats. If you desire fixed layouts, embedded video and music, or other enhancements to your electronic book, we can provide those services to you as well.


Bookmasters’ designers are ready to present your book in the best possible way. Let us help you make your book the best it can be.

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