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New Britain Diary, 1954New Britain Diary, 1954: An Anthropologist's Journal
Daris Swindler
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Price: $18.95
ISBN: 978-0-9791921-1-1

An excellent glimpse into what anthropology was like in the not too-far distant past, Daris Swindler's six-month daily journal, written while on expedition to Melanesia from the University of Pennsylvania with Dr. Ward Goodenough and Dr. Ann Chowning fifty-three years ago, is human and captivating and shows us yet another time that is gone forever. Generously illustrated with photos from the trip the account takes us through unexpected adventures and routine data collection, all with a touch that is accessible and entertaining, and introduces us to a generous, independent people living in a natural setting and learning to adapt to modern life.  A great book for budding anthropologists, seasoned scholars and armchair travelers alike, and a valuable text to accompany college-level courses.

Oh BabyOh Baby: Flash Fictions and Prose Poetry
Kim Chinquee
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Price: $13.95
ISBN: 978-0-9791921-8-0

A wonderful debut collection of prose poems and flash fictions, short short stories of beautiful precisions and understated passions. While the bricks with which Chinquee constructs her fictions—failed or failing relationships, childhood friendships, the intricacies of family life—are not uncommon, the architecture she creates with them is rare indeed: stories now full of light, now somber, now opening the reader’s eyes to an utterly new space.

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