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Loved One In Treatment? Now What!
An Essential Handbook for Family Members and Friends
Navigating the Path of a Loved One's Addiction,
Treatment and Recovery

Lisa Frederiksen

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Paperback | 122 pages | ISBN: 978-0-9816844-5-1




“Why?” “Why me? Why my loved one?”

“How can it be a disease when they choose to drink or use?” “Why isn’t there a straightforward answer for what’s going on?” “Why don’t I feel better now that my loved one has decided to get (or at least seems open to getting) treatment?”

These are but a few of the questions for which family members and friends seek answers. They report feeling scared, confused, angry, sad, numb, resigned, fed-up and/or desperate. Some are stunned or believe they are a bad parent, sibling, friend, or spouse because they were not even aware their loved one was abusing drugs or alcohol. Others may find their feelings are entirely different from those of another family member or friend, which can bring them back to the question, “Why?”

And instead of answers, they find themselves plunged into a whole new world – the “world” of addiction treatment and recovery. All of which raises even more questions: What is an addiction? How is it even possible? And, what do you mean, “I’m a codependent; an enabler?” “Why?”

Fortunately, there is a great deal of 21st century brain and addiction-related research now possible thanks to advances in brain imaging technologies. These findings are exploding long-held beliefs about addiction and addiction treatment and the impacts of a loved one’s substance misuse on family members and friends.

Loved One In Treatment? Now What! simplifies this research and in just 122 pages answers these and additional questions, such as:

  • How can addiction be a brain disease? What causes it?
  • What is “effective” treatment? Is there a difference between treatment and recovery?
  • Who among family members and friends can help a loved one get treatment? Or can they?
  • What do you mean, “Secondhand Drinking/Drugging (SHDD)?” What is it?  How does it apply to me? And what does it have to do with codependency?
  • What do you mean, “Addiction and secondhand drinking/drugging treatment is about changing the brain?”
  • Why isn’t 28 days enough; why does h/she need continuing care?
  • Isn’t there some kind of checklist? 


About the Author

Lisa Frederiksen is a researcher, writer, speaker, consultant, and most recently the author of her seventh and eighth books, If You Loved Me, You’d Stop!... and Loved One In Treatment? Now What! She writes a blog,, and presents and consults to a wide variety of groups, families, and individuals on substance abuse, addiction/alcoholism, and secondhand drinking/drugging (SHDD), using her more than 40 years experience with family alcohol abuse and alcoholism to frame her research questions.



Midwest Book Review:
Getting them into treatment can commonly be the first problem. But the next step may even be more difficult. "Loved One in Treatment? Now What! An Essential Handbook for Family Members and Friends Navigating the Path of a Loved One's Addiction, Treatment, and Recovery" is a guide for family members of addict who want to help a loved one reclaim their lives from an addiction and how to continue to help even as they are in treatment and recovery. Understanding addiction and its causes are key, making "Loved One in Treatment? Now What!" is a useful and powerful read.



“A thoughtful, well-researched, and highly accessible review of the neurobiology of addition. Lisa Frederiksen captures this exciting and developing field of the science with clarity, compassion, and hope.”
- Catherine M. Bitler, Ph.D., FACN

Loved One In Treatment? Now What! is an outstanding, fact-filled, clear, easy-to-read and understand book aimed at helping friends and family, as well as the medical community, comprehend and approach one of the most baffling conditions that we face today.”
- Stan Fischman, M.D., Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

“Revolutionary…science-based answers, a checklist of next steps – a must read for anyone dealing with a loved one’s addiction.”
- Caroll Fowler, M.A., MFT, Addiction Specialist

“… a magnificent addition to the alcoholism literature bank! …If you or a family member are in treatment, in- or out-patient, READ [THIS BOOK]! I hope EVERY therapist reads [it], not just those who work in the addictions field.”
- Jim Hutt, Ph.D.





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