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Touching the Sky
A Book of Endearing Poetry

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Paperback | 55 pages | ISBN: 978-0-9749048-1-8


A poem for every mood, every temperament, every feeling, however subtle. Anger, hate, remorse, and fear are all captured in verse. Everyone can identify with those special whims the author has crafted. Many poems tell a story and many reach deep into the heart. Several poems reach out to the comedy realm.


The Tumultuous Tempest

I remember the day she came to play
In our pen of love and joy
A forgotten surf, on her turf
The amore was just a ploy

Her lover boy, only a toy
manipulated and molded
In full sight, for special delight
Where images have been folded

She left me free for all to see
Bereft and devastated
Alone and scared, never paired
I waited and debated

Only with her scent, I'm spent
Her fragrance lingers still
I feel her verve upon each nerve
In memoirs of her will

So why am I, riding high
Immersed yet in her domain?
My recollection of her affection
Carries meaning I retain

And when I fret just to forget
The ardor she invited
Always jumping, her heart pumping
Consumed and still excited

How could I know, the inner show
That caught me by surprise
I thought I knew her beauty, too
I never thought demise

No flame will nest upon her breast
Where cancer had been found
Although I flirt near the dirt
That now adorns her crown

I only recall, the ardent fall
Gazing at the stone so brave
As I came near, I shed a tear
By the silence at her grave

Who Am I, Really?

I am the one who draws the blood
I deliver pain and plight
The menace in the evening
The heat you fear at night

Hungry are those
They sing in depths of fear
Where Lucifer debates
And Hades ever near

We share a common goal
Letting them perspire
Mentally condoning war
They're lured into my fire

This poem first appeared in Nocturnal Lyric and was subsequently published in a poetry chapbook entitled, Touching the Sky

Summer Trance

Nature's warmed rhythm
Sharpens light of summer dawn
Beneath cirrus veil

Entranced by song birds
A July wave promises
When the fruit grows sweet

Withering in heat
August's arid winds prevail
Where bounty is spent

Summer Trance is composed of three related haiku poems.

Copyright © 2004 by D. Wayne Dworsky. All rights reserved.

The Concrete Jungle

Ebb and tide of the city pride
Holds secrets few have seen
Nooks and crannies in high places
Where life is so serene

Snatching prey on a sunny day
Gulls swoop in gaceful motion
Sailing high on the seaside winds
Soaring over the ocean

Adrift on dust, enmeshed in rust
Tiny creatures will abound
Not the common bugs you know
Mites with alien faces found

High in the sky, a dragonfly
Meanders through the canopy
Finds refuge in a soggy marsh
A wondrous shelter in a tree

Flying low, near shallow flow
Moving in a hypnotic trance
Flying slow near the water
Sharing a complex mating dance

High on a hedge, or building ledge
Where a fight for space ensues
Dropping bombs on passersby
When vultures pay their dues

Pigeons rather peck or gather
On steel cables flanking towers
Always circling for remnants
Searching cityscapes for hours

Glide on freezes, ride on breezes
Geese flock to a pond
Surviving concrete canyons
In nature's trusting bond

Most of all, they never fall
Those creatures that encroach
Don't ever step upon one
The dreaded cockroach!

About the Author

Although he grew up in New Jersey, D. Wayne Dworsky was born in Brooklyn, NY, in 1944. He recognized his love of nature at a very young age. In 1980 he graduated from Herbert H. Lehman College with a Bachelor of Arts Degree and launched his career in education in 1984 by teaching mathematics, which would span 21 years. Between 1983 and 1984 he achieved recognition in the Mohonk Preserve in the Shawangunks as a first-class rock climber, which led to his conquest of the Matterhorn in Zermat, Switzerland in 1985. From 1978 to 1985 he served as editor of the newsletter put out by the Spina Bifida Association of Greater New York. In 1987 he received his Master's Degree from City College. In 2004 he retired from teaching and began to publish. He now resides with his family in New York City. more info ...



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