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Marion S. Freed

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276 pages | ISBN: 0-9760437-1-8


"Sideswiped", Marion S. Freed's searing, hypnotic stories of hope and betrayal, love and alienation, cuts right to the bone. Her characters emerge from the darkest recesses of the soul. What is so delicious about her style is that you start out loving everyone you meet. Then, as if from a dark alley you didn't even notice, someone jumps out and scares the be-jesus out of you. But is it only a prank or will they drive a knife through your heart?

In each of the four stories that make up this exciting new collection by M.S. Freed, the reader feels a tingle rise in his spine until it hits the brain with an explosive surprise that is both heart-wrenching and cathartic. From the very first scene in each story, it is as if the Ancient Mariner grabbed us by the lapel and forced us to watch a terrifying event. We don't want to see it, but there is no way we can break the spell and look away. We are compelled to follow each story to its conclusion just as we cannot look away from an inevitable car wreck that is about to happen right before our eyes. It is impossible to silence that atavistic inner voice that commands us to join these flawed but singularly familiar characters - even as they are inexorably and irresistibly sideswiped.

About the Author

From childhood, Marion Sobol has been in love with literature. She wrote her first "novel"at the age of nine.

After graduating from Barnard College with a degree in English literature, Marion immediately obtained a position as editorial researcher on You Are There, hosted by Walter Kronkite.  Her successful contributions to that series led to a promotion at CBS as Story Editor on a string of innovative shows such as Climax, Studio One, and Playhouse Ninety. Building on her experience in television and her developing sense of story - structure, drama, pace - she advanced to Dell, where she became an Editor and from there to Pines Publications.

Like many of her contemporaries, Marion was drawn to film. She moved to the West Coast where she became a Film Editor, working on a string of unique and highly successful films, including "Badlands", "Fun With Dick and Jane", "Days of Heaven", "Carbon Copy" (Denzel Washington's introductory film) and many others. A search on Google or Internet Movie Data Base (IMDB) will yield an extensive listing of Marion's work, under both her professional names: Marion Segal and Marion S. Freed.

Marion's two loves coalesced when she became a screen writer. She co-wrote her first screenplay "R.S.V.P. Jennifer" with Sheldon Keller, one of the lead writers on Sid Ceasar's "Show of Shows". In the ensuing years, she worked with Robert Altman, Terrence Malick, Gil Cates and others until she married Producer/Director Herb Freed, and began to work exclusively on projects they developed together. An ideal union for a Writer/Film Editor and Producer/Director, Marion wrote some twenty screenplays, five of which were produced and released theatrically, including: "Subterfuge", "Child2Man", "Sunsplash" and "Paradise Lost".

Marion is currently working on a new novel. In her spare time, she paints.


****Robert Kovacik, NBC-TV

"...Gripping...heartbreaking and beautifully conceived...a brilliant new collection of stories from a master writer/film-maker. Each page lures you deeper and deeper into a vortex of suspense and thrills."


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