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Medicine’s Michelangelo
The Life & Art of Frank H. Netter, MD

Francine Mary Netter

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Casebound | 480 pages | ISBN: 9780989137607


Medicine’s Michelangelo is a remarkable and first major biography of Frank H. Netter, MD, written by his daughter, Francine Mary Netter. She captures the character of the man and tells his life story using not only her remembrances but also Frank Netter’s own autobiographical notes, personal correspondence and private files, publications of his work and public archives, and more than 100 interviews with family members, artists, distinguished practitioners and scientists. More than account of his momentous career, this book provides a personal introduction to the man behind the art.

About the Author(s)

Francine Mary Netter is the daughter of Frank H. Netter, MD. She grew up on Long Island, where her father had a large art studio in the family home. She spent many hours with him there while he drew and painted his magnificent pictures. She has a BA from North Carolina State University, an MA from Hofstra University and an MBA from the University of North Carolina. She has written on the history of medicine for numerous publications. She now lives in North Carolina with her husband Ralph Roberson. Her three children live nearby.


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