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The Making of the Lamb

Robert Harley Bear

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Paperback | 480 pages
ISBN: 9780989313803


Did Jesus visit England during his early years? The Making of the Lamb gives new meaning to the words of William Blake, sung throughout Britain today in the Jerusalem Hymn, "Oh did those feet, in ancient time, walk upon England’s mountains green?…"

This novel brings to life the ancient legend that Jesus Christ visited England during his formative years (those missing from the Bible). We meet young Jesus as he is teaching in the Jerusalem Temple at the age of twelve. He’s
aware he’s the son of God, but is still an unfinished work, growing in wisdom and the favor of God and man. As a Jew of the first century, he envisions himself as a conquering heroic Messiah king who will free the Jewish people from Roman oppression. In Britain, he gains renown among the native iron-age Celts as he prepares himself for a heroic destiny.

One night, atop what is now the Glastonbury Tor, Jesus confronts his true fate to become the suffering servant who will die the most shameful and painful of deaths imaginable at an early age. The fate of God’s creation hangs
in the balance as Jesus chooses the path his life will take.

The reader is taken on a journey of adventure and discovery from the lands of the Bible, through Roman Gaul, to what is then still unconquered Britain. Encountering shipwreck and war, Jesus and his companions take on
druids and pirates. Throughout the saga, Jesus grows in compassion. He comes to understand that the prehistoric Britons he meets are far more than pagan barbarians. Although the book has a Christian theme that drives
home the significance of Christ’s death and resurrection, it will entertain and delight anyone with an open mind.

About the Author(s)

Since 2004, Robert Harley Bear has exhaustively studied the legend that Jesus came to Britain during his formative years. His research has included archaeology of the Late Iron Age in Britain; writings about druids from Irish legends to the annals of Julius Caesar; biblical history; Roman history; and all the legends surrounding the missing years of Jesus Christ.

The author retired from active practice as an attorney in 1998, and took on his current IT day job. In 2005, he was baptized at St. Paul’s Parish, K Street, in Washington, DC, where he remains an active parishioner to this day.
He taught the high school confirmation class for several years.

The author enjoys skiing, bike riding and competitive international sailboat racing. He is the Treasurer of the United States Albacore Association (small sailboats), and in 2011, won the Chesapeake Bay Yacht Racing Association High Point trophy for the Albacore Class.


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