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Soaring Above Co-Addiction: Helping Your Loved One Get Clean, While Creating The Life Of Your Dreams by Lisa Espich ... Twin Feather Publishing

Soaring Above Co-Addiction
Helping Your Loved One Get Clean, While Creating the Life of Your Dreams

Lisa Espich

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Paperback | 176 pages
ISBN: 978-0-615-35975-5

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In Soaring Above Co-Addiction, the author shares her own experience of overcoming codependency by utilizing tools such as affirmations and visualization. In this memoir-style self-help book, the reader learns all of the traditional methods of recovery, like detachment and tough love, while also learning to master the power of the mind. This book goes beyond teaching the tools of recovery, it shows it's readers how to create the life of their dreams.

About the Author

Lisa Espich is a successful manager and coach for a Fortune 500 company. Soaring Above Co-Addiction is her debut book. After creating a personal program for recovery from co-addiction, and witnessing the remarkable transformation in her own life, she in now passionate about helping other families to heal from the devastating effects of addiction. Lisa has designed and facilitates a workshop based on the principles in her book. She lives in Tucson, Arizona, with her husband.


Espich is married to a recovering addict who abused alcohol, cocaine, and prescription pills for the first 16 years of their marriage. Here, she tells the poignant story of her years of struggle, detailing the beginnings of the addiction, the family struggle with the disease, the challenge to keep her marriage alive, the strength she found in her faith, how she managed to find the right source of help for her husband and her family, and her process of treatment for co-addiction. The additional resources and suggested readings add still more value to this work. The author admits frankly that she is not a professional therapist. VERDICT Espich’s honest writing about addiction is further strengthened by her lay approach. The result is a book that manages to find a significant niche among the wealth of other titles on drug addiction that are predominantly written by professional therapists with a particular treatment approach. Highly recommended to the families and friends of addicts.
--Dale Farris, Library Journal Reviews, November 2010

"This amazing book about codependency is wonderfully honest and empowering. We don't have to stay stuck in unhealthy patterns. We can all cut the cord and soar. Freedom at last!" 
- Susan Jeffers, Ph.D. author of Feel the Fear and Do It anyway and Embracing Uncertainty

"In Lisa's Soaring Above Co-Addiction the reader can find answers written in her straight forward style that apply to real life problems. this book would appeal not only to those dealing with an addict but those living in the shadow of another waiting for someone to make them happy. Through her personal stories, and the stories of others, Lisa shares how you can take your life back no matter what is going on around you. Real solutions to real problems...great!
- Barb Rogers, author of If I die Before I Wake

"Soaring Above Co-Addiction is an amazing narrative that will lift the mind and raise the spirit of every reader. Lisa effectively integrates timeless wisdom, spiritual concepts, and proven recovery techniques into a format designed to help you overcome fear and take back your life."
- Brian McAlister, author of Full Recovery - Creating a Personal Action Plan for Life Beyond Sobriety


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