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Intelligence and the Brain: Solving the Mystery of Why People Differ in IQ and How a Child Can Be a Genius by Dennis Garlick

Intelligence and the Brain
Solving the Mystery of Why People Differ
in IQ and How a Child Can Be a Genius

Dennis Garlick, Ph.D

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Casebound with Jacket | 256 pages | ISBN: 978-0-615-31921-6



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Presenting a breakthrough new explanation of human intelligence—one rigorously based on the latest scientific discoveries—this book turns the corner and finally provides a resolution to the hot debate over intelligence. Intelligence and the Brain does this by rejecting some of the most common beliefs about intelligence, including that intelligence should be defined by behavior or that intelligence is just memory. Instead, it argues that intelligence reflects the ability to understand. It then uses recent scientific findings about the brain to show how changes in the brain lead to understanding. Readers will find that this book contains many revelations that will profoundly change their perception of how their own brain works.

This book will also explore the startling implication of a “sensitive period” for developing intelligence, arguing that children can learn differently to adults. It will also refute common misconceptions about the brain, including the idea that the first five years of life are the most critical and having more neurons and connections are better. It turns out that late childhood can be the most important for future success and having fewer neurons and connections can be better than more!

It’s all here… for every caring parent, educator, and general reader interested in how the brain works, why people differ in intelligence, and how a child can be a genius.



“If you are curious about IQ, this book is for you. It has everything that you wanted to know about IQ, but were afraid to ask.”
—Terrence J. Sejnowski, Francis Crick Professor, Salk Institute of Biological Sciences

“In this highly readable yet scientifically grounded book, Garlick takes the increasingly complex notion of intelligence and makes it simple again—directly relating the concept to the questions that most concern us as students, parents, and educators. Garlick's thesis has great implications for education. Anyone charged with designing educational environments should read this book and grapple with its implications.”
—James W. Stigler, Professor of Psychology, University of California, Los Angeles


About the Author

Dennis Garlick received his Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Sydney in 2003. His Ph.D. focused on using the recent advances in the brain sciences to provide a new approach to explaining human intelligence. This approach was accepted for publication in The Psychological Review, often considered to be the most prestigious peer-reviewed psychology journal in the world. This publication led to the American Psychological Association and American Psychological Society issuing press releases publicizing this work, indicating its importance to the general public. More recently, the famous scientific journal Nature published a report confirming the validity of this approach for explaining IQ and human intelligence.

Dr. Garlick is currently a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Psychology at the University of California, Los Angeles.



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