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What Do You See in the Mirror? by Joseph Williams, Ph.D. ... Common Sense Management Strategy

Who Do You See in the Mirror?
Change Irresponsible Behavior in the Workplace to Responsible Behavior

Joseph Williams, Ph.D.

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Casebound with Jacket | 152 pages
ISBN: 978-0-615-26855-2


Simplicity is complexity at its highest level
~ unknown author

Who Do You See in the Mirror? is an eye-opening, inspiring book about changing irresponsible behavior in your workplace into responsible behavior. All organizations need responsible members at every level – from CEO's to hourly workers – to ensure success and avoid failure. The author’s innovative Human CABLE System (HCS) is a model for positive behavioral change based on a real-life common sense approach. Not one of the thousands of research projects and publications in this field has come up with an accessible, easy to apply and personally beneficial approach like Dr. Williams’ HCS. This book will teach you how to find your most responsible self and model that self for others. Additionally, reading Who Do You See in the Mirror? and doing the exercises in the HCS workbook will leave you feeling more grounded in responsibility in everything you do. This is today’s best map for employers and employees who want to deal directly with creating a more responsible world, one workplace at a time.

The book will provide readers with:

  • a common sense awareness of how the human behavioral system (HBS) works
  • an innovative Human CABLE System (HCS) behavior makeover concept that has escaped behaviorists and management gurus for years
  • the courage to face and deal with your own inconsistent behavior and its ripple-effect on others
  • behavioral insights, models, and diagnostic tools to help you become active participants in a responsible, sustainable behavioral workplace environment
  • the ability to connect the dots of past and current behavior to find the root cause of current actions
  • the 12 Common Sense Principles of Responsible Behavior to apply to real life situations

About the Author

Joseph Williams, Ph.D., is known as a common sense thinker with the ability to see patterns in human behavior. He is distinctly qualified to write about these patterns through his education, successful careers in both business and academia, and a recent six-year stint as a blue collar union member. As a respected author, his organizational behavior research received global attention when it was published in Management Research News, read by more than 15 million readers worldwide. Dr. Williams wrote Who Do You See in the Mirror? to make this important research available to the general public. He takes an accessible, inspiring look at ways to be part of a shift toward responsible behavior in the workplace, with the ultimate goal of giving people an opportunity to be part of a more positive global future. He developed the Human CABLE System - a process to change irresponsible behavior into responsible behavior to enhance both personal well being and organizational success. Dr. Williams holds a B.S. degree in chemistry, a M.B.A. degree in Organizational Behavior, and a Ph.D. degree in Applied Management and Decision Science.





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