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Relational Presentation
A Visually Interactive Approach

Robert Lane

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Paperback | 416 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9794156-0-9


This book describes all aspects of a presentation style known as Relational Presentation. Relational Presentation methods completely change the way speakers use presentation software such as PowerPoint. With this approach, a presenter does not simply advance from slide-to-slide, or bullet point-to-bullet point, as is the case with standard performances. Instead, he or she has dynamic access to potentially thousands of slides, any of which can be displayed at any time, in any order, within seconds. When using this presentation style, relevant and helpful visual information becomes a regular and conversational part of spontaneous interactions with audiences.

Relational Presentation methods support a cognitive psychological concept called Dual Coding. According to this well-researched theory, our brains encode verbal and visual information differently, in separate areas. Speakers can use this fact to their advantage by presenting messages simultaneously in both verbal and visual form. Such messages are said to be "dual coded" by the brain, resulting in better audience understanding, stronger recall of details, and improved viewer attention.

This book describes the Relational Presentation process within the context of using PowerPoint 2003 or PowerPoint XP. The various chapters cover PowerPoint design skills, navigation styles, how to create interlinked presentation structures known as Presentation Networks, and how to organize and build complex devices that can span multiple presenters or entire company departments. Later chapters focus also on design and delivery aspects of the process. Frequently chapters also contain hands-on exercises that guide learners through the process of immediately applying the lessons learned to their personal presentation materials.

About the Author

Robert A. Lane resides in sunny Tucson, Arizona, USA. He is an internationally recognized lecturer, trainer and author, specializing in digital media techniques for interactive communication and teaching.

Robert earned a Bachelor of Science in physics at the University of Arizona and is currently pursuing a Master of Science in educational technology. His fascination with optical physics and the brain's processing of visual information led naturally to formation of the Relational Presentation methodologies featured in this book. The following pages distill approximately eight years of his work, along with the inspirations of many like-minded colleagues. Robert currently directs two affiliated companies having a common purpose of advancing visually interactive techniques.


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