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“Take note. The interest this book will unleash is noteworthy.
Both lay and professional persons who secretly will
not admit their ignorance in this emerging field of
study will use it as a guide.”

Mona Harrison, MD,
Former Assistant Dean,
Boston University School of Medicine

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Flood Your Body With Oxygen
Therapy for Our Polluted World

From "Mr. Oxygen" Ed McCabe

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640 pages
ISBN: 9780962052750


About the Book

Flood Your Body with Oxygen honestly examines all known active Oxygen Therapies and the facts surrounding their origin, history, present day usage, politics, safety, availability, and effectiveness. Flood Your Body With Oxygen also includes a wealth of testimonials, photos, references, clinical studies and doctor lists.

Part 1 Problems
Everybody gets sick eventually. Here’s why. In the process of creating all these conveniences and marketplace choices, we have made a lot of bad choices and let our daily air and water become polluted, and this pollution has increasingly been collecting inside us. Also, our mass-produced processed foods are grown on mega-farm soils that are de-mineralized and also lacking natural oxygen. These two major conditions are chronically hampering our ability to get and absorb enough fresh oxygen inside us at the cellular level. This chronic low oxygen condition that we all have causes our cellular oxygen levels to drop so our blood becomes more and more polluted. Dirty blood sets the stage for all the diseases. Because we all have this condition, our health officials tell us it is ‘normal’ to have dark brown-purplish blood. Is it ‘normal’ that so many are sick? The increasing rates of viral infections and cancers are not by coincidence. The proof of this can easily be seen by looking at your own blood with specialized darkfield microscopes. You will be amazed what you find there. Our too-low cell oxygen levels encourage toxic buildups and the growth of anaerobic (can’t live in active oxygen) microbes such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other pathogens inside us and inside our animals and pets, and in our plants. Anaerobes and toxicity slowly building up and overtaking us until we break down are the ultimate cause of most human, animal, and plant health problems as well as being the precursors to the whole list of ‘incurable’ diseases.

Part 2 Solutions
There are proven, safe, and effective re-oxygenating and re-mineralizing techniques not presently taught in our medical schools and they’re not just simply breathing oxygen from a tank and eating dirt. These little known (in our country) techniques have been used safely and effectively on the international scene daily for over 50 years by thousands of doctors. The international Oxygen Therapy doctors commonly surround anaerobic microbes, viruses, bacteria and cancer cells with active forms of oxygen they can’t live in. This first oxidizes the offending toxins and microbes and cells, and then flushes them out. Flood Your Body With Oxygen lists and explores all known active Oxygen Therapies, devices, and products and ranks their effectiveness. Flood Your Body With Oxygen has plenty of photos and reveals how the doctors all over the world use these active Oxygen Therapies, and offers consumer-patient and physician-healer guidelines showing “What to watch out for.”


Part 3 Evidence
Flood Your Body With Oxygen
lists piles of historical and modern studies proving active oxygen’s effectiveness, showing its 50-year prolific use internationally, and revealing the top quality documentation proving its safety. Lists of doctors, Naturopaths, clinics, products, and contacts are included. Flood Your Body With Oxygen is written in a lively conversational style for everyone with a body. You, your doctor, the animal and plant owners, the farmers, and everybody else will be amazed at the simple profound and powerful results obtainable from these unpublicized professional techniques.


About the Author

Ed McCabe, “Mr. Oxygen,” is a best selling author and writer in the innovative health area. He has lectured worldwide, and was honored as the recipient of international awards. He is the first and only person in history to create mass public awareness of the existence and benefits of oxygen therapies. Mr. McCabe, along with Senator Harkin and  former Congressman Bedell, brought former AIDS patients and their doctors to the National Institute of Health. The patients became healthy due to using oxygen therapy. Mr. McCabe’s international expertise, recognition, popularity, and experience enabled him to appear on network US television on April 21st, 1994.

Mr. McCabe holds a degree in Educational Media from the University of Massachusetts. He is an investigative journalist and leading international author, lecturer, and promoter of oxygen therapies. His ongoing involvement with advanced healing modalities encompassed a span of over 25 years. He solely focused upon oxygen therapies as a research journalist during 12 years of intensive study, investigation, experimentation, interviews, and travel. As a result, he is recognized and acclaimed as an international expert on the subject.

Without a publisher, his best-selling, and now classic, 1988 book "Oxygen Therapies, A New Way of Approaching Disease" sold over 250 thousand copies through word of mouth. His was the first publication in history to detail every known therapy that used special forms of oxygen to eliminate disease and restore health by ridding the body of toxins and microbes, while simultaneously boosting the immune system. As a direct result of Mr. McCabe’s writings, his audio and video tape publications, and his extensive worldwide appearances and lecturing, millions have now learned that the proper use of oxygen supplementation and therapies are of prime importance in order to stay healthy, optimize performance, and to successfully treat disease. “After all,” he teaches, “Your immune system runs on oxygen, and the disease causing microbes, like most of the bacteria and viruses, can’t live in it.”

Mr. McCabe is unique in his distinction as the only person who ever interviewed thousands of oxygen therapy using patients and hundreds of doctors worldwide, while investigating research and treatment centers, and at the same time publishing and lecturing on the results. Although several oxygen therapies have been quietly in use for over 100 years, prior to Mr. McCabe's body of work, the general public was unaware of them. His undertakings to benefit the good of mankind earned him his popular title of “Mr. Oxygen.” The numbers of professional and lay adherents of these therapies grows rapidly due to his promotion of their simple effectiveness. US manufacturers and the professional organizations surrounding the oxygen therapy concepts are now flourishing, in large part, due to Mr. McCabe’s years of relentless lecturing and purposely focusing the public's attention on their efficacy. The knowledge that Mr. McCabe gathered, and created, and then taught us, is the very foundation of our modern public understanding of oxygen therapies. This foundation that we all now stand upon which he repeatedly laid down is so large, and so much a part of the now “common knowledge” of oxygen therapy, that we scarcely notice it did not exist before his pioneering work.


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“Oxygen and Ozone are the Breath of God” Ed McCabe©, Elder, BOGM

---A Full Range of Recommended Oxy Products and Devices
The Mr. Oxygen® line of full-quality & fully-absorbable oxygen & mineral & cleansing supplement formulations and device designs manufactured by Oxygen America, the top supplier to an elite oxygen loving international clientèle that appreciates certain subtle understatements.

What Oxygen Users Are Saying About
Ed McCabe© and his Oxygen Therapies!

“Your name is well-known in Russia particularly among the specialists in the field of Ozone Therapy.”
—Natalia Berdnikova, Manager Foreign Business, Medozons, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

“Ed’s information really ignited my brain.”
—Viktor Goncharov, ND, Ph.D., New York

“I now literally thank God for giving us Ed McCabe. It is through his courage and conviction that my life was saved. Thank you, Ed.”
—Chris Savage, Australia

“May God continue to bless you Ed as you have blessed us with your compassionate service. Humankind is the better for your being.”
—Jerry Bergemeyer, Arizona

“Thank you Mr. McCabe. You’re a gift from a higher entity.”
—Linda Dale, Florida

“Ed, I applaud your courage to press on despite all that you’ve had to come against. God will never forget your sacrifices for him to help his children.”
—Kathleen Swan, Oregon

“Ed, God bless you my man. I’ll always owe you more than I will ever be able to repay. I’m heartfelt about the tribulations you’ve had to endure over helping people like me. My deepest appreciation and respect.”
—Bob Carlise, Massachusetts

“Thanks Ed, you’re a God damn legend and are brave. I am sending out your message daily to hundreds in my presentations. Thanks Ed, you saved my brothers life.”
—J.F., Australia

 “I thank you for your stand and crusade for our health in spite of the dangers you have had to endure. I would say your stance would describe one of my favorite sayings, ‘One man with courage makes a majority.”
—M.G., New Hampshire

“Ed, it was a lucky day for us when you found your way into our lives. One rarely has the opportunity to meet such wonderful and caring people.”
—A. S., Florida

“I am doing my best to promote your work and the concept of Oxygen Therapy. The work is so important and many more people must know about this. Keep up the fantastic work. God Bless.”
—John Smith, England

“I think you are a very brave and courageous person and your stand against the very malicious authorities deserves the admiration and support of all thinking people.”
—Nancy Adams, Oregon

“We all owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to Ed McCabe for researching and exposing the range Oxygen Therapies available, many of which are within the reach of anyone regardless of location or resources. Ed has, at great personal sacrifice, continues to teach and to research, and we owe him a lot.”
—M.B., Florida

“Since early times the chosen ones have referred to thunder as the ‘voice of God’ and the o3 produced in such thunder storms as the ‘breath of God.’ The proper spelling for the Supreme Eternal Purifier of all living things is actually GO3D. And Mr. Ed McCabe is today’s messenger. So, arise, purify thyself and restore the earth to all its OXYGENATED brilliance.”
—Zero3 Man, California

“I became aware of Ozone and Oxygen Therapies some 13 years ago when listening to a Radio broadcast (KPFK) FM out of LA and I was amazed at the information I was hearing about how Cancer, Hepatitis, HIV, and most of the other life-threatening diseases of mankind were all ‘anaerobic’ and could be effectively killed with ozone (A higher form of oxygen) with little to NO side effects to the human body.

I had just become a journalist and an investigative reporter for Paragon Cable Television and later to become TIME WARNER Cable television all over the U.S. I was so excited and amazed by the information I was hearing, I could not sleep. I had to find out more about this mind-blowing information that ozone and oxygen could kill all of these diseases. I thought to myself, this could be the biggest story of the decade if not the century. I started investigating and heard about Ed McCabe and his book. ‘Oxygen Therapies,’ so I read the book and was completely blown away.

I attended the very next Cancer Control Society health convention in California and I was coming around a blind corner and ran right into Mr. Ed McCabe. I attended his lecture and found him to be very precise, very knowledgeable, and very credible in his presentation.

It was very hard for me at the time to find others in the United States that were using or talking on this subject other than Ed McCabe. Ed was doing something that almost no one was doing at this time, talking, investigating, researching, and reporting on ozone all over the world—and especially in America where almost no one knew anything about it. I had interviewed and talked to hundreds of Doctors in the U.S. that didn’t know anything about the medical use of ozone that actually started in America in 1900 with Nikola Tesla.

Ed continues to this day to be one of the leading forces in bringing knowledge and awareness of Ozone and Oxygen Therapies to the world and especially here in the U.S.

Ed, keep the flame alive and burning. Humanity and all who do not need to suffer unnecessary deaths from disease need you, and we thank you sooooooooooooo much for never stopping your mission.”
—Keith Ranch, producer, reporter, and journalist, California


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