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 HONEY: The Gourmet Medicine


The Gourmet Medicine

Joe Traynor
Kovak Books


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About the Book

There are numerous anecdotal tales on the medicinal benefits of honey. Recent scientific studies provide convincing proof that honey is indeed a medicine as well as a wonderful tasting food. This book documents information that takes honey out of the realm of "folk medicine" and places it firmly in the realm of "modern medicine."

The antibacterial properties of honey are covered in detail. For many, incorporating honey into their daily diet can result in considerable savings by reducing the amount of money spent on prescription drugs.

Honey for athletes is also discussed with citations of studies showing improved athletic performance when honey is consumed.

Several chapters acquaint the reader with the many and varied flavors of quality honey. Besides being a major ingredient of a healthy lifestyle, honey is an inexpensive gourmet treat that can be enjoyed by all.


" eye opener...especially pertinent in this time of multidrug-resistant bacteria. I plan to add honey to my list of beneficial substances that I use to help people heal."
- Daniel Blodgett, M.D.

"...very informative and well written. I highly recommend this reading for everyone, especially medical professionals."
- Christopher M. Kim, M.D.

About the Author

Joe Traynor was born to Roger and Madeline Traynor in Oakland, CA. He moved to Berkeley, where he graduated from high school. He served two years in the Army. He went to University of California at Davis, where he graduated with a bachelor's degree in Pomology, and received his Master's Degree in Soil Science.

Joe went to work for Valley Pollination Service, Bakersfield, CA, under Charles Reed, where he was introduced to the world of beekeeping. At one time, Joe had purchased and run 600 colonies of bees. Joe had also worked for a fertilizer company, an Ag consulting company, and Superior Farms (Now Paramount Farms). Since 1973, Joe has owned and operated Scientific Ag. Co., which is both a pollination service modeled after Valley Pollination Service and a consultation service in soil fertility and plant nutrition.

Joe has authored 2 books, "Ideas in Soil and Plant Nutrition" and "Almond Pollination Handbook for Almond Growers and Beekeepers". He has donated the profits for bee research, primarily for parasitic mite control.

Joe Traynor is the father of 3 children, Pen, Patrick, and Pamela, and has 3 grandchildren, Patrick, Christopher, and Cosette. He has been married to his wife Nema for 39 Years.

His hobbies include reading, writing, hiking, swimming, and bicycling. He road his bike through France with a group of cyclists, and bicycled through Czechoslovakia with his daughter.

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Honey: The Gourmet Medicine
Joe Traynor

Kovak Books

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