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How do you plan to overcome the great end-time financial shaking?


in the New Millennium

Financial Education Package

Norm Franz
WhiteStone Press

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About the Package

Money and Wealth in the New Millennium is a Bible based financial education package that unravels the economic mysteries of the last days. Package includes:

Book:An easy-to-read biblical exposé on the problems plaguing the global economy and how to prepare for the collapse of the world financial system. It also provides fresh prophetic insight concerning:
  • The Four Horsemen of the New World Order Apocalypse.
  • How to preserve your wealth during the global transition into the New World Economic Order.
  • How microchip technology is being used as the “Mark of the Beast” throughout today’s global economic complex.
Financial Video: A cutting-edge financial seminar that identifies the dangers of Commercial Babylon. It also explains how to apply Bible based Investment Models that will help you prosper during the great end time financial shaking.
Seminar contains four (1 hr.) DVDs:
  • The World In Transition
  • The Mysteries Of Commercial Babylon
  • Global Transition To Mystery Babylon
  • Coming Out Of Babylon
Special Report:“Biblical Principles of Lending and Borrowing” explains how to apply God’s eternal laws regarding the use of debt in today’s financial world. It also clarifies how the “Year of Jubilee” and the “Seven Year Debt Cancellation” cycles work.


About the Author

Norm Franz is a former monetary economist and investment company president with an extensive background in business development and consumer finance. Also an ordained minister and international Bible teacher, he is a noted authority on what the Bible says about money and investments in the last days. His proven biblical insights concerning the problems plaguing the global economy have made him a prophetic voice to business, government, and church leaders worldwide. Norm travels extensively and conducts financial seminars that help people invest in a biblical manner.


"You must read this book if you want to understand what's going on in our economy and what will happen in the future."

Sid Roth
Messianic Vision

“I come from a family of real estate developers, bank owners/presidents, and people of great vision as well as Pentecostal and Charismatic ministers on both sides of the family… I ordered the book, opened it yesterday, and literally could not put the book down. I finished this morning and …I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this packaging of history, politics, religion, and finance that makes perfect sense to me… I think I will purchase your book as a gift to my grandfather, and my pastor for their own spiritual growth.”

Jon Oral Nash, MBA
(Grandson of Rev. Oral Roberts)

"I want to thank you for the best education on the money system, banking and finance that I have ever had the pleasure of learning.... I have been involved in finance for over 14 years and carry two degrees; one in finance and the other in economics. The education that I paid for in college has been explained better in your seminars and books and at a lot less money.”

Kevin DeMerrit
President, Lear Financial Inc.

"Norm Franz is a prophetic trumpet sounding an alarm. He exposes the hidden deceptions that our modern financial system is based upon. Norm's well researched material will challenge you to rethink how you understand the world financial system. He is not to be missed!”

Alan Curry
Australian National President, ICCC

“As a Christian Financial Planner, I was chasing material wealth. After reading your book, I repented and am structuring my life in accordance to God's laws.”

Peter Chee
Financial Planner, Malaysia


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Financial Education Package ($80 value)

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*Biblical Principles of Lending and Borrowing only available in the Financial Education Package


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Table of Contents

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