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The author, Dr. Raymond W. Brandt, has been a survivor twin for 52 years from his identical twin, Robert’s, accidental death. He brings his years of experience as a scientist, researching utero bonding and serving as Founder/Director of Twinless Twins Support Group, Int’l. His learned qualifications equip him well for addressing the entire field of science of twin loss.

Dr. Brandt has been called as a guest 26 times on National and International TV and radio programs. Dr. Brandt has interviewed literally thousands of survivor twins and his personal twin loss grief has given him a peculiar and particular sensitivity for other twinless who suffer the loss of their utero bonded twinship.

This book, TWIN LOSS, is focused upon the unique pain of grief which a twin suffers when their twin deceases or becomes terminal in health. Due to the life long effect of utero bonding, which impacts intensely during fetal development, a twinless twin experiences varying degrees of grief pain and loneliness the rest of their life. Survivor twins are never able to get beyond their loss of companionship of their "womb-mate". Twinless twins will often say, "I only feel one-half alive," or "I feel a large void in my life and it never goes away even after years of suffering and searching." "I cannot get on with my life because my life is not all here."

In addition to cooping skills for twinless in the book, there are also reviews of what the twin’s support family can do for their twinless survivor member. There are aids for parents of infant and children age survivor twins. There are helps for the teenager twinless, the single adult and the married adult twinless. Some specific types of twin demise are discussed i.e., suicide, murder, AIDS.

This book is fashioned s self-help, support for family members, and needed reading material for professional therapists. The book gives models for turning a twinless' life around to become once again a productive member of society. The book is considered necessary reading for single birthed professionals who lack an understanding of utero bonding, and how that causes their twinless patients to be uniquely different from their singleton patients.

It is written to the 95 percentile reading capability and understanding. It has blended stories and poems to add keynotes to the material.

Author Bio

Raymond W. Brandt, an identical twin to Robert, was born to a German speaking family in N.W. Ohio. Dr. Brandt’s twin was killed by accidental 7200 volt electric shock at their age 20, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Due to being financially poor Raymond and Robert tool employment at a high risk summer job to raise funds for their college tuition. The twins loved children, thus Robert planned to become a Lutheran

parochial pastor and Raymond planned to pursue a pediatric medical degree. After his twin’ death Dr. Brandt was drafted into the Korean conflict and was wounded twice and received two Purple Hearts and a medical discharge. Dr. Brandt altered his collegiate work and took degrees in the Human Engineering Sciences. In addition to teaching his sciences at two universities he served in private practice to industries as a consultant in product safety designs. Dr. Brandt also served as an expert witness in federal courts in matters of human conservation through improved product safety designs. He testified in 49 states during his professional career. He holds International patents for making pediatric age products safer.

In recent years, Dr. Brandt founded Twinless Twins Support Group, International, having now 1900+ survivor twins in membership. He was founder and editor of Twinsworld Magazine, the world’s first magazine for multiple birthed persons. He writes Christian poetry and most recently authored and published the book: “Crucifixion To Resurrection.” Dr. Brandt designs his own art covers for his books which is art printed and framed for sale at Christian art stores.

Due to being a cancer patient for nine years he has authored and published “Cancer and Christ”, which draws a parallel between cancer victims who battle cancer without a belief in any things except perhaps themselves as compared to those cancer victims who battle cancer with a firm belief in God. The book cites the beneficial results in the coping with and healing of cancer.

To serve as a text for counseling the loss of a twin Dr. Brandt has written and published a book: TWIN LOSS, a 430 page manual for the management of grief and loneliness resulting from the loss of a twin. Dr. Brandt has appeared as a guest on 26 national and international TV programs and interviewed o many radio and news programs about the effect of twin loss due to utero bonding of twins. He has also stated in magazines and news releases regarding his beliefs as a Twinless scientist on the issues of the cloning of humans into twins.

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