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A Frighteningly Credible, Riveting Novel!

          Based on historical fact, OMAR is a literary novel of suspense and intrigue. Excessive greed, pride, world politics--and the sacrificing of values to accomplish greater ends--compete with the very real possibility of nuclear, biological and chemical terrorism's arrival on democratic shores. In OMAR -A Novel, truth and myth come together to chronicle a triadic underwater race of epic proportions.
          In 1910, two men--an antiquarian book dealer and an acclaimed bookbinder and illuminator--created "the most magnificent bookbinding in the world." Eighty-three years later, the binding was the object of a dangerous race that could change the face of world politics...and strike fear in the heart of every democratic nation.
          In 1995, the priceless book lay buried hundreds of miles out from the Grand Banks of New Foundland, at 2077 fathoms from the surface of the North Atlantic Ice Barrier.
          Two deep-sea diving teams plot to recover the early-20th Century sunken treasure--known as The Great Omar. A group of mercenary divers, hired by a billionaire to locate the treasure, compete against an ultra-zealous terrorist organization that has formed an unholy alliance with other venturists. The jewel-encrusted, "quarto-version" binding of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, if found, would be worth well over $30 million--a fortune to support the whims of a billionaire, or to carry out terrorist plots.
          The circumstances set off a web of international intrigue, so frightening, that CIA's Colonel Bramson and FBI's decorated agent Jennifer Nakamura were jointly assigned to the project.
          Dr. Cary Parker, Woods Hole oceanographer, was unwillingly employed to beat both teams to the ship's gravesite. Parker, the scientist, had to choose between his belief that such "gravesite" treasures should be left untouched--versus the mercenary beliefs of divers who would sell their souls to recover them.
          Having already faced death straight-on, at two and a half miles below sea-level, Parker was forced to decide whether the cause was just another CIA misadventure--or a truly dangerous time for democratic nations.


"Craig O. Thompson's OMAR forecasts tomorrow's headlines. The proliferation of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons, materials, and know-how is the number one national security threat to the United States. This well-researched fiction is a timely window into potential disasters for unprepared nations."

U.S. Senator, Richard G. Lugar
Member, Select Intelligence Committee
and Foreign Relations Committee

"Deep ocean adventure in the tradition of Clive Cussler."

Dr. Charles Pellegrino,
New York Times Bestselling Author and Novelist
"Dust," "Her Name, Titanic" and "Ghosts of the Titanic"

"I am impressed by (Thompson's) strength of his storytelling, command of dialogue, and ability to evoke a scene...the text has been brought to a high a degree that one does not often see these days."

Joseph Foote, Past President,
Washington Independent Writers Professional Journalist,
Writer, Consultant and Editor for the White House and Congress

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