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A stunning turnabout in the highly publicized
                  Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman murders…

By William C. Dear

“Never assume.  Always verify.”  Every detective, public defender, and investigative reporter should have those four words tattooed in black ink on their forehead.  Then every time they would look at themselves in the mirror they would be reminded of the great responsibility they have to themselves and to the public to check their facts before jumping to conclusions.  Lives are on the line – and not only those of the falsely accused.



William C. Dear


William C. Dear & Associates. Inc.


It is with this in mind that I ask you to step back to re-examine…When Orenthal James Simpson stood and faced the jury, the words ‘Not Guilty’ rang out like a rifle shot.  Many wept with relief, while others cried foul over the verdict.  For months, prior to and during the trial, the private lives of the families of the victims and the accused were dissected and put on public display.  While the proceedings unfolded in the courtroom, the people of the world were riveted to their television sets and web sites, devouring each grim bit of evidence or testimony.

Opinions were skewed, arguments over the jury’s decision were heated.  O.J. Simpson became the butt of hundreds of jokes, while the families of the victims were left to mourn their own and seek civil remedies for tragic losses.

As the frenzy died down, the media armies moved on to other stories, and people moved on with their lives – each with their own opinion of what really happened.  Although the case is over, and O.J. walked away a free man, the question still remains – Who killed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman?

Stunned by the brutality of the murders, and at the same time fascinated by how the case was being investigated, veteran detective Bill Dear launched his own investigation into the facts.  Dear, within weeks of the murders, climbing over the fence at Bundy, sitting at the front door of Nicole’s condo and recreating in his mind that dark night of Sunday, June 12, 1994, was convinced that O.J. Simpson could not have committed the murders but may have been at the crime scene soon after they occurred.  If this is true, O.J. has known all along the identity of the killer.

Once Dear established in his own mind that O.J. was innocent, he focused his attention on six possible suspects.  After carefully investigating the facts and not assuming what he had been told, read or shown concerning the alibis of each of the six, Bill Dear was more determined than ever to find the truth.  His grueling, six year search finally narrowed to one major suspect.  The facts speak for themselves.

Learn for whom and why O.J. may have been willing to stand trial in the murders of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman…as you walk step by step beside Bill Dear on this compelling journey.

Bill Dear has uncovered startling new evidence that is certain to change everyone’s perception of O.J.’s guilt.  This evidence has never been made public.

Author Bio

Renowned detective and author, William C. Dear, has completed an exhaustive six-year investigation into the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.  After thirty-five years of experience as a private investigator, focusing primarily on homicides in the U.S. and abroad, Bill Dear utilized his unique skills to narrow the field down to one major suspect and it is not, in his opinion, O.J. Simpson.  

Nicknamed “The real James Bond: by the London Times, Toronto Star and the Dallas Times Herald, Bill has been involved in some truly unique and harrowing cases.  He solved the mystery surrounding the disappearance and death of a young genius at Michigan State University, as chronicled in his book, The Dungeon Master.  He was also head of a team appointed to the exhumation of Lee Harvey Oswald, solved the Dean Milo murder in Akron Ohio, which resulted in eleven arrests and convictions – the most ever in U.S. history for a single murder case.  The Black Widow murder case and the Wax Museum murder case in Arlington, Texas.  This larger than life character, who aptly calls Texas his home, may indeed have finally solved the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman bringing closure, not only to the victim’s families, but to the question in the minds of the countless people who were riveted to their televisions while it was played out by national media.

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