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The Truth Is Beyond Belief !

Jerry Durr

Peppertree Publications




This deeply insightful book will show you things you’ve probably never thought about. It’s purpose is to help you find peace and perfection here and now by "re-minding" you of the powerful role your ordinary thoughts and beliefs play in the way you experience this truly extraordinary life. The inspirational ideas, presented in attractive calligraphic style, will make you think about how your personal thoughts about another person, the world, and even God mean nothing and everything.

They mean nothing because they can have almost nothing to do with how the others truly are in their fullness. And yet they mean everything because they have everything to do with how you will see and experience them.

A single contemplative thought on each page will help you become aware of how your personally created thoughts often do more to separate you from the peace and perfection of life than do they connect you.

Each insight has been carefully worded to help you see, so you can move beyond, the illusory thoughts and ideas that have been obscuring The Truth that really Is Beyond Belief !

Author Bio

With over 20 years of Study and Teaching in the fields of Spirituality and Meditation, and with a love for the comfort and richness of "inspirational" thoughts, the author has fashioned his deeply insightful ideas into a condensed format for contemplative reading in today’s fast paced world.

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ISBN: 0967495415 | Paperback | 5˝ x 8˝ | 224 pages

Price: $12.95

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