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Return of the Gods
ISBN: 0961297425
648 Pages
Return Of The Gods

Jacob van Flossen

Flax Press

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CAUTION: May not be suitable for under 18.

     Return Of The Gods--Novel, based on theme from a Kipling poem, demonstrates coming disaster from egalitarian fantasies driving contemporary American Welfare State/Entitlement mentality. Obama did not just happen! Novel shows fallacies in the Marxist & Egalitarian values that led to Obama, through the interaction of realistically drawn characters in a riveting tale of intrigue, voluptuosity & violence, as the political economy breaks down under weight of entitlements.

     Charles Stuart, wealthy Virginia patrician, is running for the U.S. Senate as an independent conservative on a "politically incorrect" platform--better suited to the 18th than the 20th or 21st Century. He is gaining ground, but is vulnerable because of a brawling womanizing past.

     Maggie Robertson, Sarah Lawrence '92, pretty, intelligent young feminist journalist, is assigned by the New York Times to cover the race. Although considered a perfect antidote to the Virginia conservative, Maggie is troubled because she has no answer to Stuart's rhetoric. She must also come to grips with her own libido & with challenges to her journalistic integrity. Throughout the novel, she wrestles with questions of values and priorities; with the conflicting demands of career and desire; and with the more strident realities of human interaction, for which an Ivy League education has not prepared her.

     As Congress tries to salvage a collapsing Welfare State, major world banks prepare to withdraw funds before the coming chaos; and ex-C.I.A. operatives, on both the right and left, maneuver for advantage.

     The insights in this novel are offered through an engrossing plot; through realistic images of how real men & women actually react to contemporary situations, rather than through the theories & wish lists of the ideologically driven.

CAUTION: May not be suitable for under 18.

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