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The Beauty of Oil Painting 2

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The Beauty of Oil Painting 2
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Kathwren Jenkins

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The Beauty of Oil Painting 2

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Contents: 26 paintings with 4 step breakdown. Comprehensive descriptions. "Imagine, Experiment, Create" The paintings in this book are meant to "Kick Start" your imagination. By using not only oil paints, but also using acrylic paints for some of the backgrounds, it opens up a possibly new way of painting for you to explore. Using the mixed media has been a fun way for us to paint, especially when painting our exotic birds and fish as well as the flowers. You can get some very interesting effects with the acrylic in the backgrounds. Acrylic can be used with little or no water and can be painted to look like an oil painting. By using a lot of water with the paint, it can be made to look like a water color. The possibilities are endless. Imagine, Experiment and Create, that's what painting is all about. Use very good paints. Paints with plenty of "Pigment Power". These will give you the vibrant and true colors that will make your painting pop. You want to be noticed, whether you are painting a beautiful pastel painting or an intensely colored painting, or a soft and serene subject or a strikingly dramatic subject. When you start to learn to paint, you will start to see the world a little differently then most other people. You will see things in much more detail, see more colors and designs and just learn to notice and feel things around you more. One of the things Gary and I often say is, people look, but they do not really see the things that they are looking at. Well, the artist really does see what they are looking at. Many artists may also appreciate and enjoy things around them more. You never stop learning to paint. It's a lifetime process. Each time we sit down at the easel, it’s like a new beginning, a new journey. Travel along with us trough this book, and we will show you how to paint the beautiful florals in the “Jenkins Style of Oil Painting”.

About the Author

After an absence from television for a few years, Kathwren Jenkins has once again teamed up with her husband Gary Jenkins to be a guest artist on their new, international television series. Kathwren is also enjoying being the assistant director of the television series. Currently, Kathwren is writing more books and planning new television series. She is also planning for the international Jenkins Certified Art Teacher Training Program.


Farbi Flora GmbH presents Floral painting from and with Gary and Kathwren Jenkins

Gary and Kathwren Jenkins explain step by step and very detailled how to paint flowers and leafs. The technique of painting on this DVD is especially suited for beginners, but can also be of great help for more experienced painters. DVD 3 hours Workshop Oilpainting A step by step guide to Oilpainting on DVD Chapter: - Productinformation & preparation of the canvas - Techniques for painting leafs - Techniques for painting flowers - Techniques for the background - Painting on different surfaces - Oilpaint on canvas

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