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10 Critical Factors in Fundraising: The Little Green Book for Chief Executive Officers
J. Terry Johnson
Johnson Books

The ABC of Sales: Lessons from a Superstar
Daniel Milstein
Gold Star Publishing

Acronyms Building Character
Bruce Brummond
Character Construction Company, LLC.

Backing U! and Backing U! Lite
Vaughan Evans
Business & Careers Press

Back to Basics: A Practitioner's Guide to Operations Excellence
Douglas Sutton
Operations Excellence Services

BCA: Business Case Analysis
James W. Brannock
STS Publications

Be Interview-Wise: How to Prepare for and Manage Your Interviews
Brian McIvor
Management Briefs Ltd.

Billion Dollar Agent - Lessons Learned
Best Agent Business

The Billion Dollar Solution
Rob Newbold
ProChain Solutions, Inc.

Breaking the Musashi Code
Matthew C. Heim, Ph.D.
Visionary Partnership Press

Bullying & Harassment: Values and Best Practice Responses
Frank Scott-Lennon and Margaret Considine
Management Briefs Ltd.

The Business Card
Dr. Steve Steff
His Way at Work

Business Ethics
Rosamund Maraget Thomas
Ethics International Press, Ltd.

Business knigge Germany:
basic country-specific behaviour
guidelines for the german business world

Tobias Koch

Business Model You: A One-Page Method for Reinventing Your Career
Tim Clark
Business Model You, Llc

The Business of Golf-What Are You Thinking? : How to Maximize the Financial Return of a Golf Course
J.J. Keegan
Golf Convergence

The Business of Wanting More: Why Some Executives Move from Success to Fulfillment and Others Don't
Brian Gast
Barnegat Press Company

Career Detection:
Finding and Managing your Career

Brian McIvor
Management Briefs Ltd.

CEO Tools
The Nuts-n-Bolts of Business
for Every Manager's Success

Kraig Kramers
Gandy Dancer Press, LLC

Acronyms Building Character
Character Building Acronyms
Bruce Brummond
Character Construction Company, LLC.

A Charge Nurse's Guide
Cathy Leary & Scott Allen
Center for Leader Development Press

Creating Exceptional Organizations: a Leader’s Guide

William F. Brandt Jr.
Winter Vale Press

Complexity Avalanche: Overcoming the Threat to Technology Adoption
James B. Wood
Point B

Construction Budget Management
Richard Lingensjo

Corporate Dictatorship: The Evil Behind the Collapse of the World's Economy
Yasser Nafei
Prothics Consulting

Crossing the Road to Entrepreneurship
Bert L. Wolstein

Cruisin' Through Life At 35 MPH
Brian Blasko
Finish Line Publishing, Inc.

The Cure for Corporate Stupidity:
Avoid the Mind-Bugs™ that Cause
Smart People to Make Bad Decisions

Larry J. Bloom

Roy Mahabir
Galaxieone Limited

The Driving Force: Getting Extraordinary
Results from Ordinary People

Peter W. Schutz

Emotional Intelligence (EQ): A Leadership Imperative
Daire Coffey and Deidre Murray
Managements Briefs Ltd.

The Entrepreneur's Journey
Gene Poor and Rodney Heiligmann
Hyperformance, Inc.

Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven
Patrick J. McDonnell

Everything I Touch Turns to Sold
Ty Wilde
Wilde Kindom

High Octane Mentoring,
Those With Vision Lead,
How Unions Organize

Stephen Marek & Gary Stroud
Dry Gulch Books

Fail Fast. Succeed Faster.
Sunil Godse
Radical Solutions Group Inc.

Fearless Leadership
Bruce E. Roselle, Ph.D.
Leader Press

Future Leaders
Eric L. Herzog, Ph.D.
Quest Consulting & Training Corp.

Get Real! Get Together! Get Success!:
Connecting the Pieces of Leadership Effectiveness

Karen Hardin

Getting the Word Out
Bunnie Jackson-Ransom

Governement Marketing Best Practices
Mark Amtower
Amtower and Company

Great Meetings! Great Results
A Practical Guide for Facilitating
Successful, Productive Meetings
Dee Kelsey & Pam Plumb
Hanson Park Press

GrowthThinking: Building the New Growth Enterprise
Keary L. Crawford & Wayne A. Simmons
Nucraft Holdings LLC

High Performance Interactive Marketing
Christopher Ryan
Racom Communications

How Do You Know IT AIN'T BROKE?
Libby A. Seamans
Family Tree Publishing

How to Manage the Design & Construction of Your Own Home... Or Anything Else!
Charles Hanna, Jr.
Critical Path Publishing

How YOU™ Are Like Shampoo:
The breakthrough Personal Branding
System based on big-brand marketing
methods to help you earn more,
do more, and be more at work

Brenda Bence
Global Insight

HR for Line Managers: Best Practice
Frank Scott-Lennon
Management Briefs Ltd.

Human Error Prevention: PowerPoint Slides with Notes. A Seminar in Print book
Benjamin Marguglio
Bookinars, Inc.

The Idea Book
Fredrik Härén
Interesting Organization

Impactful Presentations: Best Practice Skills
Yvonne Farrell
Management Briefs Ltd.

In Darkness Light Dawns:
Exposing Workplace Bullying

Lisa M. S. Barrow
Purple Crown Publishing

In the Spirit of Leadership:
A Vision Into A Different Future

Cheryl Esposito
Plumb Road Publishing

Innovating Innovation
Joel Vardy
Maven House Press

The Inventor's Puzzle: Deciphering the Business of Product Innovation
Mark Lake
Eagle Rock Publishing

Inventory Accuracy
David J. Piasecki
Inventory Operations Consulting

Jesus Our Fivefold Ministry Leader
Terry Stephens II
T & W Media and Wordsmith Productions

Job Search: The Total System: Achieve Your Better Job...Better Pay...Better Life!
Sheryl & Kenneth Dawson
Dawson Consulting Group

Jeno, The Power of the Peddler
Jeno F. Paulucci
Paulucci International

The Journey Called You
Julie Fuimano
Nurturing Your Success

Leaders and Ideas That Have Shaped the Modern Economic World From Aristotle to Steve Jobs
Frank Ghannadian
The University of Tampa, Sykes College of Business

Leadership Dubai Style
Tommy Weir
Emlc Press

Leading Beyond Tradition
William E. Cooper
3-Star Publishing

Love at Work: Why Passion Drives
Brandy G. Wilson
BPS Books

Mastering Professional Services
Thomas Lah
Professional Services Press

Merrill Lynch
The Cost Could Be Fatal
Keith Schooley
Lakepointe Publishing

Money is My Friend For the New Millennium
Phil Laut, Lisa Kitter, & Jeffery Combs
Empower You Now Publishing

Never Run Out of Cash
Philip Campbell
Grow & Succeed Publishing, LLC

New Product Blueprinting:
The Handbook for B2B Organic Growth

Dan Adams
Advanced Industrial Marketing

No Crime But Prejudice
Jon Entine
Fischer Homes

No Surprises Project Management
Timm Esque
Ensemble Management Consulting

Not In The Club: An Executive Woman’s Journey Through the Biased World of Business
Janet Pucino
Deep Canyon Media Llc

Open Up and Say aaah!:
Discover... who you are now
Shape... who you are becoming
Create... what you want to experience

Erica Peitler
Circle Takes the Square

The Perfect Board
Calvin Clemons

Performance Management:
Developing People and Performance

Frank Scott-Lennon & Fergus Barry
Management Briefs

Physical Asset Management for the Executive: Don't Read This If You Are On An Airplane
Howard Penrose
Success by Design

Policy & Procedure Manuals
Stephen B. Page
Process Improvement Publishing

Political Savvy
Systematic Approaches to Leadership

Joel R. DeLuca, Ph.D.

Practical Project Management for Agile Nonprofits
Karen RJ White
Maven House Press

Preparing CEOs for Success-
"What I Wish I Knew"

Leslie W. Braksick, Ph.D.
H.J. Heinz Company

The Principle of Relevance: The Essential Strategy to Navigate through the Information Age
Stefania Lucchetti
Restless Travellers Publishing

The Principles of Product Development Flow: Second Generation Lean Product Development
Donald Reinertsen
Celeritas Publishing

Procurement and Supply Chain Management
Dr. Ernest Ochonma

Proven Selling Skills for Winners
Ronan McNamara
Management Briefs Ltd.

Puttin' Cologne on the Rickshaw: A Guide to Dysfunctional Management and the Evil Workplace Environments They Create
William L Bouffard

READY Thinking - Primed For Change:
5 Principles for Action In
Times of Uncertainty
John Baker
Ready Thinking

Real Estate in 2008
Best Agent Business

Reasoning Backwards: Sherlock Holmes'
Guide to Effective Problem Solving

Gregg Young
Young Associates

The Recipe: A fable for leaders and teams
Amilya Antonetti
CorePurpose Publishing

A Development Opportunity for You!

Frank Scott-Lennon, Brian McIvor & Fergus Barry
Management Briefs Ltd.

Rescuing The American Dream:
The Entrepreneur's Way

G.Web Ross

Risk: A Road Worth Traveling
Craig Huntington & Mark Graham

Roadmap to Revenue: How to Sell the Way Your Customers Want to Buy
Kristin Zhivago
Bristol & Shipley Press

Roadmap to Success: America's Top Intellectual Minds Map Out Successful Business Strategies
Jeff Wolf
Wolf Management

The Road to Your Best Stuff:
Taking Your Career, Business or Cause to the Next Level and Beyond
Michael E. Williams
Michael Williams Solutions

Safety Matters!
A Guide to Health & Safety at Work

Adrian Flynn and John Shaw
Management Briefs Ltd.

The Sales Leaders Playbook: Stop Managing: Start Coaching
Nathan Jamail
Scooter Publishing

Schedule for Success
Paul D. Jones
306 Publishing

The Secret of Teams: Field Guide
Mark Miller
Brand Apart

Selling the Fuzzy Widget:
Secrets of Selling Professional Services
Craig M. Cortello
La Dolce Vita Enterprises

Shortcuts to the Obvious
How to Get More Effective Advertising More Efficiently - An Insider's Guide

Mel Sokotch
Aspetuck River Publishing

Solutions in Plain Sight:
Transform Your Top Business Challenges into Profit, Passion, and Growth

Anne C. Graham
LVI Publishing

Strategy and the Fat Smoker:
Doing What's Obvious But Not Easy
David Maister
The Spangle Press

Success With People
David Russell
Smyth Barnabas Publishing

Tigers Among Us: Winning Business Team Cultures And Why They Thrive
Dianne Crampton
Three Creek Publishing

Time Matters: Making the Most of Your Day
Julia Rowan
Management Briefs Ltd.

Tomorrow's CIO: Strategic conversations
that align IT with the Board Room

Ashwin Rangan
The Insightful Group

Uncommon, Commonsense Management
John S. Adams, CSM
Epic Management

An Unimaginable Journey: How Pepsi Beat the Odds in Romania
Aviad Meitar

The Well-Fed Writer
Peter Bowerman
Fanove Publishing

Who Do You See in the Mirror?
Joseph Williams, Ph.D.
Common Sense Management Strategy

Whole Business Thinking
Executive Management
Robert S. Block
3D Business Tools Publishing

Without Footnotes
A Corporate Lawyer's Anecdotal Journey

John P. Karalis
JP Karalis Publication, LLC

Would YOU Want to Work for YOU!
Brenda Bence
Global Insight Communications

You CAN'T Manage Time:
But You Can Manage Many Priorities
Susan de la Vergne
Alder Business Publishing

You're an Executive But Are You a Leader?
Sonya Shelton
Being Present, Inc.

Your Opinion Doesn't Matter:
It's Your Customer's Opinion That Counts

Andrew Ballard
Marketing Atlas Publishing

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