Authors: How Well Do You Know Your Audience?

Published by on March 10, 2015 8:30 am

Unless you write books “just for fun,” you’re probably looking for ways to increase your book sales. Yes, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of the publishing industry and follow best practices to ensure that you’re distributing a quality product (invest in copyediting, proofreading, indexing, design, typesetting, etc.). But ultimately if you want to sell your books, you really need to know your audience. View Article…

5 Fun Writing Prompts to Spark Your Creativity

Published by on March 3, 2015 2:00 pm

Sometimes all it takes to escape from writer’s block and get your creative juices flowing again is a free write session. Instead of staring at a blank screen and growing frustrated by the lack of words that you see, switch gears and start writing about anything. If you don’t quickly think of a topic to write about, you can always turn to an ever-trusted writing prompt. The key is simply to just start writing. Don’t think too hard and let your imagination run wild. The subject may be off-topic from your current writing project, but you never know when or how a free write session could circle back to that project. View Article…

Authors Must Manage Their Income Expectations

Published by on February 24, 2015 8:30 am

A recent article on The Guardian outlines the findings of a Digital Book World survey that gathered online responses from 1,879 published authors: 56% took the indie approach, 13% only traditionally published, and 31% did both. Key findings in terms of income earned by published authors include the following:
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February New Releases from Bookmasters’ Publishers!

Published by on February 17, 2015 8:30 am

Check out some of Bookmasters’ publishers’ newest releases for February 2015:

Closer All the TimeCloser All the Time

by Jim Nichols

In this deftly written jewel of a novel, veteran author Jim Nichols strings together the bittersweet stories of several different characters bound together by shared geography and the insular nature of small-town life. With the coastal waters of Maine as a backdrop, Nichols artfully explores the nature of connection—hoped for, missed, lost, and found—in Closer All the Time, that very special novel that delivers quick-moving, compelling storytelling with a lasting emotional wallop.

Islandport Press





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Books to Get You Ready for New York Fashion Week

Published by on February 12, 2015 8:30 am

If you love fashion, it’s time to get ready for New York Fashion Week 2015! This year’s event will be held February 12-19 and will feature designers’ fall 2015 collections.

Here’s a list of some great fashion books to get you in the spirit!

Fashion: 150 Years-Couturiers, Designers, Labels

by Charlotte Seeling

This updated edition is devoted to the legendary world of fashion, from its origins in the nineteenth century to the present. Fashion is comprised of informative chapters that introduce each era coupled with extensive portraits of the groundbreaking fashion icons and countless expressive photographs work together to form a comprehensive portrayal of the rapid development that took fashion from the liberation of women from the corset all the way to the creations of modern designers. View Article…

College Students Prefer Textbooks to eBooks For Study Purposes

Published by on February 3, 2015 8:30 am

One might assume that tech-savvy college students have fully embraced the eBook for study purposes. Yet, according to recent research, the opposite is actually true. In a recent article titled “American college students say they would rather study with real books, not laptops” on Quartz, author Sonali Kohli writes:

A Student Monitor survey of about 1,200 students in 100 American colleges in October found that for almost every type of schoolwork, students prefer to use a book rather than a computer.

…in everything other than scheduling assignments or research (with so many academic papers online, students don’t seem to feel the need for a library), students would still rather use the paper version, by a large margin, than any other single option. View Article…

Bookmasters, Outreach, Inc. sign distribution agreement

Published by on February 2, 2015 1:00 am

Bookmasters has signed an agreement with Outreach, Inc. to provide sales, distribution, and fulfillment in the secular U.S. and Canadian markets for their forthcoming title, The Official A.D. Study & Guidebook.

The Official A.D. Study & Guidebook is the official companion to A.D. The Bible Continues, the television series event that picks up where The Bible TV miniseries concluded in 2014 with the story of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. A.D. The Bible Continues is scheduled to air on NBC for 12 weeks beginning Easter Sunday, April 5.

Founded in 1996, Outreach, Inc. has quickly grown to become the largest provider of church outreach products and services in the world. With a mission to share God’s love and empower the Church to share the message of Jesus Christ, Outreach provides cost-effective, proven methods and resources in a variety of forms, including books, media and film, postcard invitations, banners, bulletin covers, curriculum, church campaign materials, and more. Located in Colorado Springs, the company has established five divisions under the umbrella of Outreach, Inc.

Bookmasters will begin distributing The Official A.D. Study & Guidebook upon its publication date of February 9, 2015.

“These A.D. resources create a tremendous opportunity for churches to help their members and community discover more about the powerful stories of the first followers of Christ, the rise of the early church, and what it means today,” said Scott Evans, founder and CEO of Outreach, Inc. “It’s also a chance for them to reach out to the millions of people who will be watching the TV series and want to learn more about the stories they’re seeing from the Book of Acts.”

“Outreach and their titles hold a unique and respected place in both the Christian and secular markets, so Bookmasters is excited to be able to partner with them on The Official A.D. Study & Guidebook,” said Ken Fultz, general manager at Bookmasters.

Which Book Printing Service Best Suits Your Needs?

Published by on January 27, 2015 8:30 am

What’s great about being a self-published author is that you can maintain control. You decide where and how to distribute your book upon its completion. While some self-published authors are satisfied with publishing their book in eBook form only, others aren’t content until they can hold, flip the pages of, and even smell the fruits of their labor in the form of a physical hard copy of their book. Luckily, today’s book printing technology makes it easy for self-published authors to do so. A contract with a big publishing house is no longer necessary!

If you’re a self-published author, you’re probably wondering what your book printing options are. There are many things to consider before printing your book including the market size and your budget. It’s important to be realistic, since book printing requires an investment.

To help you make an informed decision, below you will find more information about three popular book printing options for self-published authors: View Article…