Editing on a Computer Screen vs. on a Hard Copy

Published by on March 31, 2016 8:30 am

When it comes time to edit your writing project, you usually have two options. You can make edits to the document on the computer screen within the word processor that you’re using, or you can print out your project and edit it with pencil or pen (unless of course you have another quirky way of editing, say, by acting out your edits in charade-like fashion!). Let’s take a closer look at these two options: View Article…

Bookmasters, Paraclete Press sign fulfillment agreement

Published by on March 11, 2016 8:30 am

Bookmasters has signed an agreement with ecumenical publisher Paraclete Press to provide full-service fulfillment in the U.S. and Canada for their catalog of Christian books, CDs, and DVDs.

Paraclete Press was incorporated in 1983 and is the publishing house of the Community of Jesus, an ecumenical monastic community rooted in the Benedictine tradition. Paraclete publishes approximately 40 books each year and is headquartered in Brewster, Mass.

“We’re pleased to partner with Bookmasters,” said Robert Edmonson, president of Paraclete Press, Inc. “Having Bookmasters handle our inventory and shipping needs will free up creative energy to move our company forward in an ever-changing publishing scene.”

“Bookmasters is honored to have found a new publishing partner in Paraclete Press,” said Ken Fultz, general manager at Bookmasters. “The culture, work ethic, and goals shared between our organizations are a perfect fit, and I look forward to a successful future together.”

Publishing Industry Trade Show Season: How to Put Your Best Foot Forward

Published by on March 9, 2016 8:30 am

Spring is almost officially here, which means that we’re gearing up for the publishing industry’s busy trade show season. The London Book Fair is in April and BookExpo America is in May along with plenty of other regional and national shows. If you’re planning to attend any of these shows, as a visitor or an exhibitor, we’ve put together a list of tips to follow to put your best foot forward:
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The Pros and Cons of Shopping for Books in Bookstores vs. Online

Published by on February 18, 2016 8:30 am

Amazon has long been known for driving traditional bookstores out of business, and yet, reportedly has plans to open 300-400 physical bookstore locations of its own following the opening of its first store in Seattle. During a recent podcast, Wall Street Journal tech reporter Greg Bensinger said that opening 300-400 stores would make Amazon the number 2 brick and mortar book retailer after Barnes & Noble and that customers can expect to pay the same price for a book in the Amazon bookstore as they would on Amazon.com, which tends to be less than you pay in other physical bookstores today.
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Why Social Media Matters for Authors and Publishers

Published by on February 11, 2016 8:30 am

There are lots of ways for authors and publishers to market themselves today and it’s worthwhile to explore a variety of available channels to develop a marketing mix that works best. One channel that authors and publishers should be using today is social media, essentially because it’s “where the people are.” And yet, there are still those who wonder whether it really is important when trying to get people to discover them and their books. The bottom line is this: yes, it is important. Here’s why:
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Eight publishers sign new distribution agreements with Bookmasters

Published by on February 10, 2016 9:00 am

Effective immediately, Bookmasters has signed new agreements with eight publishers, including five Christian publishers, to distribute their titles in the United States and abroad.

These publishers include Bonnie Meadow Publishing, Purposeful Goods, Spring Publications, and Christian publishers Compass Productions, CrossLink Publishing, Auxano Press, Alive Publications, and Revival Waves of Glory Books & Publishing.

Bonnie Meadow Publishing is the publishing-start up from New York Times bestselling author Andrea Kane and management consultant Bradford Kane whose aim is to challenge the publishing status quo by emphasizing author brands rather than publisher brands. They are launching their list in 2016 with The Murder That Never Was, a psychological thriller by Andrea Kane, available May 17, 2016. Bookmasters will distribute Bonnie Meadow Publishing’s print, eBook, and audio titles in the U.S., Canada, and the United Kingdom. To learn more, go to www.bonniemeadowpublishing.com.

San Jose, Ca.-based Purposeful Goods will publish four children’s picture books in 2016 to help families and educators address topics and situations that mirror the lives of young children, allowing them to see themselves in the pages of these picture books and open the door for further discussion with help of a kind-hearted monkey named Your Buddy Boodles™. Bookmasters will distribute Purposeful Goods’ print titles in the U.S. Canada, the UK, and Australia. Purposeful Goods was founded by Christine Burger, founder of luxury children’s skin care line Noodle & Boo, which has been used by celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Liv Tyler, and Kourtney Kardashian and endorsed by publications including US Weekly, Harper’s Bazaar, People Magazine, and InStyle. To learn more, go to www.purposefulgoods.com.

Spring Publications began as an activity of the Analytical Psychology Club of New York during the Second World War. Since the early 1940s, they have published titles that blur the lines between art, philosophy, the history of ideas, psychiatry, mythology, literature, and religion. Bookmasters will distribute Spring Publications’ titles in U.S., Canada, the UK, Europe, and Australia. To learn more, go to www.springpublications.com.

Compass Productions publishes a variety of Christian titles, including desktop quote books; inspirational gift books; devotional books and Bible studies; planners and calendars; and children’s Bibles, devotionals, story books, and board books. Bookmasters will distribute Compass Productions’ titles in North America, the UK, and Australia. To learn more, go to www.compassproductionsinc.com.

CrossLink Publishing is a family-owned Christian publishing company and part of the CrossLink family of ministries. Their list includes several award-winning Bible study, fiction, inspirational, meditation, and spiritual growth titles. Bookmasters will distribute CrossLink Publishing’s titles on an exclusive basis worldwide. To learn more, go to www.crosslinkpublishing.com.

Auxano Press is owned by Ken Hemphill, the former president of one of the largest evangelical seminaries in the world. They publish titles intended to help families and churches of all sizes, providing high quality materials for small group study as well as discipling tools that are reasonably priced and give the Christian educator ultimate flexibility. Additionally, Auxano Press’s Bible study materials include survey studies, book studies, major doctrines, and important themes that lead to spiritual growth. Their discipling tools include titles dealing with church growth issues such as evangelism, discipleship, assimilation, and apologetics. Bookmasters will distribute Auxano Press’s titles on an exclusive worldwide basis. To learn more, go to www.auxanopress.com.

An outreach of Alive Ministries: PROJECT PRAY, Alive Publications publishes books and audio-visual teaching materials focused primarily on prayer and spiritual renewal. Alive Publications president, P. Douglas Small, serves as a member of America’s National Prayer Committee and the Denominational Prayer Leader’s Network. Bookmasters will distribute Alive Publications’ titles on an exclusive basis worldwide. To learn more, go to www.alivepublications.org.

Established in 2012, Revival Waves of Glory Books & Publishing has published more than 40 titles by Bill Vincent, including topics such as pursuing God’s presence, healing after divorce, receiving personal prophecy, and spiritual leadership. Bookmasters will distribute Revival Waves of Glory Books & Publishing’s titles on an exclusive basis worldwide. To learn more, go to www.revivalwavesofgloryministries.com.