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How to Celebrate National Book Lover’s Day on August 9th

August 08, 2014

National Book Lovers Day

As you might guess National Book Lover’s Day is dedicated to honoring books and the people that enjoy reading them. It is celebrated each year on August 9th.

Here are some ways to celebrate the 2014 National Book Lover’s Day:

Support a local bookstore

Many local bookstores struggle to compete with the major online and offline book retailers, with some local bookstores shutting their doors in recent years to the dismay of their loyal customers. Luckily, local bookstores still exist in many communities. If you have one in your area, stop in on August 9th and purchase a new or used book (or several!). Not only will you have something new to read, but you are also supporting a local business owner and the literary cause in general. Win, win, win!

Read to a young child

An interest in reading should be fostered at an early age. It can begin when children are read to by adults before they are able to read on their own. Spend some time reading to the young child in your life or volunteer to read to children at the library.

Try an unknown/new author

You may have your “go-to” authors, but what about trying a brand new author’s very first book, or an author’s first book in a new genre (author G.A. Morgan and her recent YA title The Fog of Forgetting is a perfect example)? There are so many new authors struggling to get their name and book out there. They’ve likely put their heart and soul into their book and are just looking for a chance. Why not give it to them? You may find a hidden gem or the next big thing!

Revisit your favorite book

Book lovers can easily name their all-time favorite book or rattle off a list of their favorites. When was the last time you revisited your favorite book? You certainly don’t need to read the whole thing again (unless you want to!), but just flipping through a few pages or chapters can bring back good memories.

Set aside some time to read

Even book lovers sometimes can’t find the time in the day to read. National Book Lover’s Day falls on a Saturday this year. If you don’t have any plans, why not read the day away? If you don’t have that kind of time, at least set aside an hour or even a half hour to enjoy a few chapters of the book that’s been sitting on your nightstand or dormat on your eReader for weeks.

How will you celebrate National Book Lover’s Day?