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Here’s a list of some fun literary-themed gifts to give for the holidays.

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Fun Literary-Themed Gifts to Give for the Holidays (Not Just Books!)

December 01, 2017

The holiday shopping season has arrived. Do you have any avid readers on your list? While they’re sure to appreciate a new book or two, why not think a little more creatively this year? Here’s a list of some other fun literary-themed gifts to give for the holidays:

Framed quotes

If you know they love a specific book, or even better, have a favorite quote from a book, consider buying a nice print of the quote and framing it. Or, if you aren’t sure what book to use, you can look for general quotes about books or reading. Etsy is a great place to find this sort of book art or have it custom made.

Household decorations/items

Book art can be found on so many household items we use every day, like throw pillows, mugs, grocery shopping tote bags, welcome mats, wall calendars, and more.


If they prefer print books over eBooks, the old-fashioned bookmark still makes a nice gift, especially if you’re giving it along with a new book. Far too many people are guilty of sticking whatever paper they have laying around (old receipts, junk mail) into their book to save their place. Yes, it does the job, but wouldn’t it be so much nicer to use an actual bookmark? There are plenty of creative designs to choose from.

eReader covers

If they prefer eBooks, an eReader cover is a great way to enhance their reading experience and make them smile every time they return to the book.

Book-themed smartphone case

Smartphone cases have become a form of personal expression, and a case that features the cover image of their favorite book, a bookshelf, or any other book imagery would make a great gift. (Just make sure you know the exact specifications of their phone!)


Think book-related bracelets, necklace charms, and brooches.

Book scented candle

If they enjoy burning candles, you can find candles that are advertised as smelling like old books, new books, and even libraries. These candles might not be for everyone, but true book lovers are sure to get a kick out of them!

Anything comfortable

While they aren’t technically literary gifts, anything comfortable like throw blankets, slippers, cozy socks, etc. that can be used while relaxing and reading always make great gifts.

Sure, a new book is always appreciated, but there are so many other fun literary-themed gifts that you can pair the book with or give separately. A simple Google search will bring up plenty of options or you can find designers that will create something custom for you. The book worm in your life will love it!