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I am Bookmasters’ new marketing intern. We decided that it was time for me to write a blog post, but I have never done this before—so bear with me.

Just as you might be a first-time, self-publishing author who has no idea what to do after writing your book, I am also new to the publishing industry. Before starting at Bookmasters three weeks ago, I really didn’t know what to expect.

However, I did know that I was going to be the marketing intern…so marketing must be involved.

I was right. Yes, marketing is a part of the publishing industry, and it is a service that Bookmasters provides.

I was overwhelmed during my first marketing team meeting. Words and phrases, such as “NetGalley,” “ForeWord/Clarion Review,” and “Review & Media Strategy” were repeated, and I honestly didn’t know what they meant.

Luckily, I quickly learned. I am still learning, and I am excited about it.

How did I learn? One of things that really helped me get an understanding of what the marketing team does was Bookmasters’ marketing services kit. Bookmasters revised their previously 40-page Word document of book marketing services and trimmed it down to four (thank you!).

Marketing Services Kit

This kit lists and describes the six marketing packages Bookmasters has to offer, and it reviews Bookmasters’ most popular à la carte services to make it easy for you to decide which strategies are the best fit to promote you and your book.

After putting all of the effort into writing your book, you want people to know about it and to read it. This is why marketing is definitely something to consider. And don’t worry—Bookmasters has marketing strategies for all budgets.

To learn more about Bookmasters’ marketing services, check out our website ( or call 877-312-3520.

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