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Disaster Recovery Project Management Book: Price Drop in Response to Recent Events

September 22, 2017

In response to Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria (and their respective recovery efforts), Purdue University Press has temporarily dropped the list price of Disaster Recovery Project Management: Bringing Order from Chaos for those who could benefit from the information discussed in the book to aid relief efforts among their organizations and communities.

In the book, author Randy R. Rapp, a Purdue associate professor of building construction management, uses decades of real-world experience and academic research to explain pertinent requirements and methods for the contractors and other professionals who bring order from chaos. While with the engineering, procurement, and construction company Kellogg, Brown & Root, Rapp served in project controls and operations for Hurricane Katrina and logistics management for Hurricane Wilma. He was also the project controls manager and deputy program general manager for the Restore Iraqi Oil program. 

Disaster Recovery Project Management: Bringing Order from Chaos is the first systematic presentation of the tools and skills needed for disaster recovery project management. It is designed primarily for contractors, although it will also be of value for those who might hire them, the communities they serve, and their organizational partners in the disaster recovery effort. The volume is focused on informing the management of projects that recover the built environment after emergency conditions are sufficiently stabilized, and supplements and complements books devoted to conventional construction or emergency relief management.

For a limited time, the eBook is available for free and the hardcover version is available for $20. It can be found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bookmasters, and direct from Purdue University Press.