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What is a Blog Book Tour and How Can You Make It Work For Your Book in 2014?

December 13, 2013

So you’ve published a book. Congratulations! Now you want people to buy it, right? The first step is to generate awareness and interest in the title. You need to create a “buzz” surrounding your book. Perhaps one of the best ways to promote your book today is via online publicity. After all, people are spending a significant amount of time online today. A popular form of online publicity that is worthwhile for all authors is a blog book tour.

A blog book tour is much like a traditional book tour, except the stops are all virtual. Instead of going from bookstore to bookstore, the What is a Blog Book Tour and How Can You Make It Work For Your Book in 2014?author goes from blog to blog. There is no need to travel or present in front of a live audience, which is ideal for those who don’t do so well with public speaking. The purpose is to expose the author to a wide audience that would be interested in their book once the book has been published or as it nears publication. Just like you see an actor everywhere when they have a new movie to promote or a singer everywhere when they’ve released a new album, an author should also be making the rounds to generate interest in their most recent work.

A blog book tour can be set up by a publicist, but if an author has self-published and doesn’t have a publicist, they can do the leg work themselves. The key is to find blogs that are relevant to the topic of the book that are interested in participating in the blog book tour. For example, cooking blogs would be the target if you wrote a cookbook and relationship blogs would be the target if you wrote a book that provided love advice. Depending on the topic of the book there could be an unlimited number of blogs, or there might only be a handful if the topic is extremely niche. Each book tour should include a manageable amount of blogs, as the tour requires a significant amount of time from the author. Even though it’s not an in person tour, there is still plenty of work that needs to be done.

Each “stop” on the tour, or each blog, might take a different approach to the type of content that they are willing to post that serves as a promotion for your book. The content could be an author interview or Q&A, a guest or promotional post written by the author, a podcast, a video interview, or a live chat session which is why it’s necessary to plan ahead when participating in a blog book tour. A significant amount of work is done prior to the actual date that the content is posted and then once it’s posted, the author should be available to follow up and engage with the blog audience as they leave questions and comments. Of course, each post should include a link to the author website and link to where the book can be purchased. It’s also recommended to give away free copies or downloads of your book if you are able to do so throughout the blog book tour. If quantities are limited, you can raffle a few off at each stop along the way.

If you are participating in a book blog tour, be sure to promote it via your own blog, social media, newsletters, and a press release.