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The Carpenter of Auguliere

D. Wayne Dworsky's vast travels and experiences support a wealth of fictional characters.  His new book The Carpenter of Auguliere reveals the classic theme of good vs. evil. The book actually started as an idea that struck Dworsky in the middle of the night. "I woke up with a sudden urge to write. I felt I had to sit down and start telling the story," he says. Four years and many edits later, The Carpenter of Auguliere was born.

In The Carpenter of Auguliere, the fate of the village lay in the hands of a stranger in whom the townspeople learned to distrust. The years taught them complacency, growing comfortable in the wake of an evil curse. The stranger saw that he was needed to enlighten the people. But no one trusted him once they believed they were deceived.

The Carpenter of Auguliere is set in a dilapidated mountain village in the middle of the giant Sayan Mountains in Russia at the turn of the century. Dworsky's own world travels helped him create a story that contains a vivid landscape that takes a reader to another place and time. He has not only cruised the Mediterranean, stopping in Rhodes and Cypress, then to Turkey and on to Athens before he landed in Venice where he absorbed the essence of the ancient architecture, but has also recently returned from a trip to China and a tour of Europe.

Born in Brooklyn, NY, in 1944, Dworsky graduated from Herbert H. Lehman College in 1980 with a Bachelor of Arts degree and launched his career in education in 1984 by teaching mathematics. In 2003 he created Concrete Jungle Press and finally retired from teaching in 2004 to pursue his writing full time. (For a more detailed biography, please visit http://www.dwaynedworsky.com/bio.htm.)

When not traveling, Dworsky enjoys rock climbing and in 1997 he received his pilot's license. Since then he takes to the skies. His aviation adventures are intimately woven into the plots of his stories.




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