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If you want to know a firm cost and clear benefit list up-front, Bookmasters author packages are an excellent way to publish your own book.

Please select from one of our express packages for a true self-publishing experience:

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Cover Only




Email Support
Your Bookmasters Project Director will be in touch via email to communicate pertinent information about your project.
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Phone Support
Printed Copies of Your Books




ePUB Conversion
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Editorial Assessment
Basic Page Design
Advanced Page Design
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Basic Cover
The Basic Cover will be created using your selection from one of our basic cover templates.
**Stock cover options:
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Advanced Cover
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Formatting for Print Cover
The cover designer will create front and back cover as well as the spine of the book to high print specifications.
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Formatting for eBook Cover
The cover designer will create a front-cover JPEG to fulfill the needs of ePUB conversion and eBook distribution.
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Electronic Proof
View a proof of your book as a PDF before we go to print. Any corrections you may want to make can be completed for a small fee.
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You are your own publisher!
Bookmasters provides the services, and you provide the ISBN, making you your own publisher!
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* Template-based design

**These are samples of our Basic Cover templates. Color scheme to be determined by publisher.

*The Bookmasters Author Self-Publishing Package Program is currently limited to text-only works — no interior images, please.
All manuscripts must be saved as Microsoft Word documents. Books will be standard 6x9 trim size with up to 250 pages — no exceptions. Covers and text layout are not subject to substitutions or changes. All correspondence will be email-based, and Silver & Gold publishers will receive one round of proofs with text and cover alterations starting at a $50 initial fee and $1 per each alteration. Shipping and handling of paperback copies are included in our Gold Package.

Before you check out, please review and select any package upgrades or a la carte options:

Package Upgrades

Page Count Upgrade
for books over 250 final pages
The packages are based on a book with a final page count of 250 pages. If your book is going to run longer than 250 final pages, you can purchase 50 additional pages at a time.


per 50 pages
Including your photos in your book can help you tell your story. We can add black and white photography to your book for an additional fee. You will be contacted with upload instructions after purchase.


per 15 photos


per 25 photos

A la Carte Options

Editorial Assessment
An editorial assessment is a review of a manuscript for content, structure, and format to determine areas for improvement and the level of editing required. No editing is done to the text, but rather an overview of the manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses are provided.


Copyediting is performed on the original written manuscript before the book’s pages are designed and laid out. At this stage, we assist the client by cleaning up the written text, addressing textual issues including spelling, punctuation, grammar, and capitalization. Depending on the level of the copyedit, we could also be asked to correct issues of wording, consistency, continuity, and style.


A comprehensive index allows a reader to access specific information within the book quickly and efficiently. Our indexers review your book for all main ideas and sub-ideas and are happy to include a list of provided terms. If page count exceeds 250 pages, additional charges will apply.


terms and conditions
This agreement is effective as of today’s date by and between Bookmasters, Incorporated (“Bookmasters”), having an address at 30 Amberwood Parkway, and Independent Publisher (“Publisher”). Each, Bookmasters and Publisher, are a “Party” and collectively the “Parties.” The Publisher has the right to order services from Bookmasters, and Bookmasters desires to perform such services. The Parties agree as follows:
  • All Bookmasters Author Packages must be paid for in full before work is started. Purchase of a Bookmasters publishing service indicates Publisher’s agreement to the Terms and Conditions.
  • Publishers will have 30 days to begin the project from the date of purchase. Beginning a project is defined as Publisher submission and Bookmasters acceptance of materials necessary to complete the requested service, such as a live manuscript. In the event the Publisher does not begin the project within 30 days, the service will be forfeited and ineligible for refund.
  • Once the project has begun, the Publisher has 180 days to complete it without incurring additional fees. If the Publisher needs more than 180 days to complete the project, the Publisher will need to notify the Project Director. Bookmasters will then make a determination to place the job on hold and will notify the Publisher of such. It will be the Publisher’s responsibility to notify Bookmasters when he or she is ready to continue. If the Publisher does not complete the project within 180 days and has not previously notified Bookmasters, the Publisher forfeits the fee and will be ineligible for a refund. There will be no exceptions to this process. Through the purchase of an Author Package, the Publisher acknowledges that he or she understands this policy.
  • Bookmasters’ policy is to collect payment at the time the Author Package is purchased. Purchases must be made online at Bookmasters accepts all major credit cards, and purchases made with fraudulent or insufficient funds will automatically terminate the agreement.
  • Publisher’s Responsibilities:
    1. Paying in full for the selected Author Package before work will commence, and payment must be made via Bookmasters’ accepted payment options at Bookmasters accepts all major credit cards.
    2. Beginning the project within 30 days from the date of purchase through submission of the information necessary to complete the service. Instructions will be emailed directly to the Publisher’s email address associated with the Bookmasters account.
    3. Maintaining an active email account which will be used as the primary means of communication for all Bookmasters correspondence, and notifying Bookmasters if that email address changes. If the Publisher changes his or her email address, then the Bookmasters account should be updated.
    4. Supplying all appropriate materials and files that meet Bookmasters’ requirements to complete the Author Package. If the Publisher cannot provide the needed materials for any reason, and Bookmasters has not yet begun work on the Publisher’s behalf, the Publisher may request a full refund via email within 30 days from the date of purchase, minus a non-refundable $75 administrative fee.
    5. Agreeing to any additional charges needed to fulfill a requested service outside the scope of the purchased service. If the Publisher requests additional services not included in the purchased author package, he or she understands that services will not be performed until payment in full has been received. Publisher will be notified prior to incurring additional charges.
    6. Retaining his or her own project file archive once the project is completed and approved. Bookmasters will supply the Publisher with a copy of the Print PDF and ePUB files upon project completion and approval. Bookmasters will retain an archived copy of the project for two years after completion and approval and purge inactive files from their system after two years.
  • Bookmasters’ Responsibilities:
    1. Performing the requested services as detailed on
    2. Notifying Publisher via email prior to starting any unconsented work or before having received all of the materials from the Publisher.
    3. Returning completed project files to the Publisher upon completion and approval of the purchased services as stated in Author Package. If the Publisher fails to respond to Bookmasters’ requests for approval, all projects will be deemed approved after 30 days of the initial notification.
    4. Uploading the necessary files to Bookmasters Manufacturing or eBook Services if further services are purchased.
    5. Archiving Publisher’s completed project files for two years following project approval. Bookmasters will purge all files after two years. Files associated with an active project will remain intact.
  • Additional Charges: All Publishers, without exception, may incur additional charges for any additional work beyond the scope of work identified in the original purchased package. If Bookmasters determines the project requires additional work beyond what is included in the purchased Author Package, Bookmasters will contact the Publisher, identify the additional work required, and relay any additional fees for said work. No work will be performed until payment has been received in full. Once the Publisher has purchased a service, Bookmasters will begin the work for the project. If there is nonpayment or a returned payment, a Publisher’s project will be terminated. If a Publisher decides not to pay an additional charge for work exceeding the scope of the original Author Package, Bookmasters will not issue a refund on work already completed. Bookmasters will complete the project as purchased.
  • Bookmasters’ business hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST.
  • For questions, concerns, or disputes, please contact so Bookmasters can work to find a solution. Any requested changes after the project is complete and approved would require the purchase of a new service. Bookmasters is not responsible for copyright or content. Once the service is purchased, these Terms and Conditions are binding. Bookmasters reserves the right to modify the Terms and Conditions anytime without prior notice.
  • Publisher agrees at his or her expense to defend Bookmasters and indemnify and hold Bookmasters harmless for all loss, costs, expenses, and damages incurred by Bookmasters in connection with any suit, claim, or proceeding brought against Bookmasters as a result of Publisher’s product, negligence, or breach of contract by Publisher. This agreement shall not be amended or modified except by written agreement executed by Bookmasters and Publisher.
  • Jurisdiction: This agreement and the rights and obligations of Bookmasters and the Publisher shall be governed by the laws of the State of Ohio and venue of Ashland County. Bookmasters will not be liable to Publisher for damages arising out of its services provided.
*The Bookmasters Author Self-Publishing Package Program is currently limited to text-only works—no interior images, please. All manuscripts must be saved as Microsoft Word documents. Books will be standard 6x9 trim size with up to 250 pages—no exceptions. Covers and text layout are not subject to substitutions or changes. All correspondence will be email-based, and Silver & Gold publishers will receive one round of proofs with text and cover alterations starting at a $50 initial fee and $1 per each alteration. Shipping and handling of paperback copies are included in our Gold Package.

If you have any questions regarding our author packages or customized services, please contact
us at (877) 312-3513 or

Some book-printing companies leave authors guessing when it comes to what they’ll receive. Bookmasters offers a refreshing change by clearly listing what each package level includes, eliminating surprises. Extras such as additional page blocks, book copies, and editorial assessments can be included in any package with just a click, making it easy to complete any printing project. If you’ve been discouraged by self-publishing companies with limited choices, Bookmasters’ range of cost-effective options are the perfect solution. Whether you’re looking for book printers for your latest mystery novel or an inspirational book ready for Christian book distributors, we’re a terrific place to start.