Customer Endorsements

“One of the best print jobs I’ve ever seen. Congratulations.” – Bruce Bortz, Bancroft Press, publisher of the New York Times Best Seller and People Magazine-featured The Missing Kennedy

“Bookmasters is not just a ‘vendor’ — they are a great member of our team and are always looking to move our press forward.” — Bryan D. Shaffer, Production & Marketing Manager, Purdue University Press

“Arcturus decided to work with Bookmasters because of their reach, competence, and flexibility. Bookmasters is keen to work with us in driving sales through distribution, special sales, and mass merchandisers. Furthermore, they offer an intelligent combination of stock holding, POD and short-run printing, and marketing of eBooks.” — Paul Byers, International Sales Manager, Arcturus Publishing

“I haven’t found any other company that even competes with Bookmasters for the quality and ease of the publishing process. Bookmasters is always at the top of my list.” — Tim Caldwell, author

“I just received the five copies of the PETLL book here in my shop and couldn’t wait to write you all. You did a wonderful job. I know I am a bit novice and I know for certain that I can be challenging to work with because of that, but you took my fears and lack of knowledge of the printing industry and translated that into the EXACT product I wanted. Will always be loyal to Bookmasters and I appreciate all the hard work to get this book to my client in time. Very thankful and very honored to work with you all.” — Christopher, Epling Illustrations

“I just experienced what can only be described as an ‘exceeding my expectations’ journey with your organization and I wanted to share it with you. As an author, I have scheduled appearances to make and hoped that my second series of books (The Great Rescue) would be available for my upcoming ‘tour’. I know this had to put a lot of pressure on many different departments within your organization and although no promises were made, from past experiences in working with Bookmasters I knew that everyone was going to do all they could to meet my needs. Things were going along smoothly until one of your technicians noticed a defect on the front cover of one of the books (something my graphic designer nor I caught). I was so appreciative for this discovery and yet I knew this delay would put additional pressure on other departments to stay on schedule. The importance of maintaining the production schedule increased exponentially when I learned that a group of 9 guys from my church, who wanted to ‘retreat’ at my home, volunteered to bring the 4,800 books up one and one-half flights of stairs for me – if the books could be delivered in time for their arrival. Well, everyone at Bookmasters made it happen! Beginning with Shelley S. (who is my ‘go-to’ person), and Lee Ann W. (who is my ‘keep calm, Rick – we can make this happen’ person), to Pre-Flight who got my files ready for my review in record time, to the technician that saved the day, to the Production team who printed all 4,800 books on a near-impossible schedule, to the shipping department who got the books out the door on the same day they finished printing – and arrived at my home on the next business day. I’m sure there were others that were equally involved in this success story that I’m unaware of, but please know that my gratitude extends to them as well. Thank you for fielding such an awesome team. I chose to use Bookmasters after reading the book, The Well-Fed Self-Publisher by Dan Poynter. He recommended Bookmasters and I’ve never been disappointed by taking his advice.” — Rick Tancreto, Little Saints Press

“We have produced several books in collaboration with Bookmasters and in each case our clients have been very pleased. Our most recent book – Tough Man, Tender Chicken – the bio of Frank Perdue, printed by Bookmasters is being well received by our clients. We love the bright colors in the cover, the color insert of photos and the reproduction of the black and white photos. We appreciate the high quality of your work throughout the entire process and your attention to detail. Bookmasters is a quality company and we highly recommend it to authors, self-publishers and publishing companies.” — Stephanie E. Myers, Vice President, R.J. Myers Publishing & Consulting Co.

“A huge thanks for Bookmasters for supporting the publication of the Directory. I particularly want to thank you for making the process so seamless (at least on our end!). It was great working with you. I hope we can continue to work together in coming years.” — Sarah Lippincott, Library Publishing Coalition

“Julie and I just wanted to thank you—Rodman’s Ride looks fantastic! We are absolutely thrilled and so is our client. You were so easy to work with, helpful and the process seemed very smooth on the production and Bookmasters’ end. We wanted to thank you so much, as well as for all you did to keep the book on schedule. There is the 25th anniversary of an event that goes with this book on Sept. 26 [2015] and it is just fantastic that it will arrive in good time. Thanks again for everything!” — Sandy & Julie, on behalf of Rodman’s Ride

“When I opened the boxes with my books inside, I was so thrilled with what I saw. The books looked absolutely beautiful. I could not believe how wonderful they looked. Bookmasters did a marvelous job in helping me to bring Living With The Romanovs to fruition. The staff was very helpful to me, in fact so much so, that I felt that at times they were bending over backwards to help me. If I didn’t understand something it was carefully explained to me. All in all working with [Tim], Sharon, and the staff has been a very positive experience for me. I plan to write again and I will certainly bring my book to Bookmasters to be published.” — Brandon Fitch, Living With The Romanovs

“My printing experience with Bookmasters was perfect. I could not be more pleased.” — Gene, Ventuno Press

“As always, it was great working with you. As I said earlier,you have kindly and loyally hung with me through all of my false starts over these many years. I really appreciate that.” — Terry HowardGreat Florida Fishing Captains

“I just wanted to let you know that I have received the books today and I am very pleased. The production quality, especially being digital, is top notch. I’m sure that my customers will enjoy owning a copy of Abandoned Rural America. I will surely be doing more business with your company in 2015. Your team is terrific!” — Pete Muzyka, Vanishing Rural Georgia Art, Madison, GA

“The book arrived on Friday and they look terrific! Thanks to you and your teams for such a great process and product.” — Michael Vickers, Summit Learning Systems, Inc.

“Everything was great. You guys have a wonderful and dedicated team. We will use you again for re-prints and for more books!” — Christopher Mark Heben, author of Undaunted.

“The package arrived today. I reckon you all have done a great job. It has come out very well. I was surprised how well the photography has come out. The printers are certainly to be congratulated. It is a steal if it is retailing at $50. You have a very pleased and satisfied author sitting in front of this computer screen at the moment.” — APM

“Jennifer and her team have done a superb task of making [my] book a reality and I am extremely pleased. How fortunate was I to find Bookmasters and your team of professionals to aid me in getting my book to print? It was nothing less than Divine intervention.” — Adriel Gray

“We got the EUtROPEs shipment on Friday afternoon, right as I was leaving for a long weekend. I just saw the books this morning, and they look great! Thanks for your work on this.” — Dan Bertsche, The University of Chicago

“I wanted to let you know my books just came in and they look phenomenal. I’m very happy with Bookmasters – great company. [Emily McQuate was] superb and a remarkable sales representative, she represented her company and product very well. Dan Wilhelm was a Godsend with the customer service side as the liaison between us and pre-media and everybody in printing. Everybody from step one to delivering my books here to my door, everybody’s been great and I’m 1000% pleased. It was a wonderful project. Thank you so much.” — Paul Grady, author, Trial By Fire

“I just want to let you know that we are very satisfied and, in fact, delighted over the way your printing of our children’s book turned out. You did a superb job!” — Dr. David R. Reagan, Lamb & Lion Ministries

“The book is perfect! Your company did a perfect job! So professional and just perfect. Thank you more than you will ever know.” — Martha Pullen, Pullen Press

“Just received my books today and I am so happy with with them. They look amazing. I will definitely recommend you and use you again in the future for reorders and my new upcoming book.” — Linda Brannon, author, Moshi and Friends

“I received the shipment of Python Tales yesterday and the books look terrific. Special thanks go to you Cathy [Purdy]…and I also very much appreciate your professional work and the way you kept me informed and made the process very easy. All in all, Bookmasters provided a high quality product. I will be glad to recommend Bookmasters to the novice writers who ask me to edit/set up their manuscripts for publication.” — Mike Foerster

“We chose Bookmasters as our distribution partner because of their proven strength in the book market. With more than half of Christian books now being sold outside of traditional sales channels, and thus more and more through the general book trade, we needed a sales and distribution partner that knows the business. Because Bookmasters offers an integrated suite of services, we can work with one company that meets many of our needs, from design and layout, to eBook distribution, to offset and digital printing.“ — Steve Blount, former VP of Publishing, Assemblies of God

“The industry is changing, and Bookmasters has successfully adapted itself to these changes. We admire the care, knowledge, and devotion of the entire Bookmasters organization.“ — Howard Aster, publisher, Mosaic Press

“Bookmasters has top-flight, personalized customer service. I think you go the extra mile. Given the huge transition taking place in the industry, I all the more appreciate your sterling customer service.” — Dr. Gayle Wurst, Princeton International Agency for the Arts

“I just wanted to let you know that the books arrived today. They look great. Please extend my thanks to the entire crew for a job well done.” — Michelle Stanton

“I wanted to thank everyone at Bookmasters that helped in my recent project. The books came out great and everyone was such a pleasure to do business with! I definitely intend to do business with you again in the future!” — Jerry Pearlman, author, Tale of a Baseball Dream.

“Thank you very much for your assistance in the publication of VII: An Anglo-American Literary Review. The journals have arrived and look wonderful! Please extend our gratitude to everyone at Bookmasters.” — Kendra Juskus, Administrative Assistant/Assistant Editor, Wheaton College’s Marion E. Wade Center.

“The book just arrived. I think it looks great. Another fine job by Bookmasters. Thanks to you and your team.” — Crash Berry, journalist & novelist

“My printing experience with Bookmasters has been wonderful. From the beginning, you were helpful to me as a first-time author by patiently answering all my many questions. The work was done at a fair price and right on schedule. Even though my book has been out for a year, you are still gracious about answering my questions. I would recommend Bookmasters to anyone and have already done so to several authors I know.” — Sheryl Buckley, author, Mortal Dilemmas

“Thank you for making my hopes a reality. I know you keep very busy with the nuts and bolts of getting things done – the litany of mundane tasks that make up a day in the publishing world – but please know your contributions are of immense importance to me, and surely to many others. I’m certain working with authors can be quite thankless – authors turn in work late, grow steadily more anxious, frequently make impossible demands, and embarrassingly, need to be emotionally coddled. It’s a yeoman’s work no doubt. But for authors and those of us who hope to become authors, you are the midwives and nurses of our dreams. Thank you for keeping that in perspective, for your patience and forbearance.” — Malik Wilson, author, And So We Remain

“I wanted to reach out and thank you for your assistance as I have been trying to sort out this printing situation as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, the printer I had before fell through at the last minute – I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your customer support as I attempt to get this resolved!” — Chelsea White

“My editor located a printing company in Ashland, Ohio, about 75 miles from Columbus. We decided to have [my] books printed there. That happy decision brought me together with Randy McKenzie of Bookmasters. Randy is pretty much my hero.” — Sue Martin, author, Out of the Whirlpool

“We are quite pleased with the services we are getting from Bookmasters. The printing job on our [Camping with the Corps of Engineers] book was excellent, and the sales volume being generated from your offices is simply amazing.” — Don Wright, The Wright Guide/Cottage Publications

“I’m a NYC author who plans to self publish a non-fiction book. Since HarperCollins did my last book, I am a novice in this field and have had to educate myself from scratch about various aspects of printing, fulfillment, and distribution. Ryan [Seidner] has evinced great patience with my many questions and has made every effort to bring me up to speed on the greater subject and on your company’s wide range of services. Bookmasters is most fortunate to have such a knowledgeable, responsive and hardworking young man as an employee.” — Nancy Newman, author

“It seems that self-publishing is truly taking over the publishing industry, and Bookmasters is part of making that possible. The “masters” at Bookmasters did a fantastic job of printing my children’s book, Charlie Girl, in hardcover and full-color. It wasn’t easy to get the colors right, but Bookmasters did. And how great is it that they print books in Ohio – the heartland of the USA! I would recommend Bookmasters to anyone looking for high quality book printing.” — Elizabeth Frogel, author, Charlie Girl

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for taking care of my book order, The Artist’s Haggadah. I just picked the order up today and it has far exceeded my expectations. The color printing is stunningly beautiful! The colors are right on the mark and I am very pleased. I would also like to thank you so much for your patience in working with me on this order. I know it was probably a small order for you, but to me it was huge and I do appreciate your efforts in working with me and all the little details to get my book printed. I look forward to working with you on future reprints of The Artist’s Haggadah and on new projects as they come along. I will also recommend Bookmasters to anyone who might be interested.” — Jane Kessler Petitjean, artist and author

“Thanks for a job well done. [My] book looks spectacular and the finish is perfect, just like Keith Bender promised. The embossing was great and the cover just jumps out at you. Thanks to everyone in the production/finish process for a job well done, and thanks to Cathy [Purdy] and for guiding it through to completion.” — Robert Spirko, author

“Buster’s Vision LOVES Bookmasters. Bookmasters’ staff is absolutely amazing! BVN, Inc. looks forward to a blessed business relationship for years to come.“ — Bobbi Evenson, Founder, Buster’s Vision Nonprofit, Inc.

“The books arrived yesterday and they look great. Many thanks for your help in getting this done — and done so smoothly and on short notice, too. I hope we will have the opportunity to do business again in the future.” — Dewayne Dean

“The entire team worked tirelessly to meet a very tight deadline and produced a technically difficult, gold-embossed hard cover, full-color book which is garnering kudos and compliments. I cannot say enough fabulous things about Bookmasters. I will be referring you and returning for more printing soon!“
— Wendy Hollinger, Owner, Phoenix Graphix Publishing Services

“Franciscan Institute Publications appreciates the value and service that Bookmasters brings to our business relationship. We consider Bookmasters an important stakeholder in our success.” — Jim Knapp, Executive Director, Franciscan Institute Publications, St. Bonaventure University

“Great support and service from Sue. The print quality of my book is outstanding.” — Douglas Sutton, Operations Excellence Services LLC