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The Salesperson's Secret Code

The Belief Systems That Distinguish Winners

Ian Mills

240 pages
LID Publishing Inc

What makes a great salesperson? What beliefs, attitudes and behaviors are linked to being a top performing salesperson? What impact does culture, industry and sales context have? And does a formal sales methodology or process make a difference? This book is for any sales professional, or indeed anyone involved in the sales process of their company, who wants to learn the secrets of successful selling. Based on interviews and analyses (qualitative and quantitative) of 1000 of the world's leading salespeople, across a mix of industries, cultures and context, the authors present the most rigorous evaluation of how salespeople behave and how they are driven. In doing so, they reveal the secret code behind consistent and high-level success in sales.

Author Bio
The book is a collaboration between best-selling authors Ian Mills, Mark Ridley and Dr Ben Laker from Transform People International, and Tim Chapman, Managing Partner at Sales EQ. They have extensive global experience of working in performance improvement, both from an academic and practitioner perspective.