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Women in Taiwan

Sociocultural Perspectives

Ya-chen Chen

University Of Indianapolis Press
In the English-language publication market, this book is one of the earliest, and perhaps the first academic book focusing on Taiwanese women and gender issues from the late Qing Dynasty to the twenty-first century. It features the interrelations between cultural trends and women in Taiwan. In most current Western research and academic institution, Taiwanese studies deals with modern Taiwan since the Qing Dynasty or the Opium War to the contemporary era, and usually belongs to the division of Chinese studies or modern Chinese studies in the overall area of Asian studies. Historically and socioculturally, however, cultural dimensions in Taiwan are not exactly the same as those in mainland China and Hong Kong. This book sets itself apart by providing a bird's-eye view of gender issues impacted by diverse cultures in Taiwan from the Japanese colonial era to the present century.
Author Bio
Ya-chen Chen is an assistant professor of foreign languages and literature and affiliated professor of women's and gender studies. She also serves as the director of the Asian Studies Program and coordinator of the Chinese Language Program in the City College of New York (CCNY), City University of New York (CUNY). She has academic backgrounds in East-West comparative literature, Chinese/Taiwanese/Hong Kong literature, women's/gender studies, film studies, and multi-cultural studies.