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Bodhi and the Lost Temple of King Nanchancaan

Nicholas Bougas

307 pages
Austin Macauley Publishers
A young man with a range of skills that other fresh-faced teenagers could only dream of, Alex Steele is set to indulge in his passion for discovery and conservation in a voyage to Central America. Recruited by his grandfather, Alex suddenly finds himself named as Expedition Leader for ARACHNIS - a special international network of young people who are determined to save the planet and learn its hidden mysteries.Alex and his new friend Emil - along with helpful guidance from Emil's grandfather and the mystical Bodhi - are on a mission to find an ancient Maya Temple and the secret, invaluable treasures within.With their jungle packs ready and adventure in sight, the avid explorers will soon learn that they aren't the only ones who have their eyes set on King Nanchanaan's hidden riches, and it becomes increasingly obvious that Silus and his men aren't afraid to play dirty to get their hands on the goods...
Author Bio
Nick Bougas is passionate that teenagers learn more about, gain a deeper understanding of, and develop a strong desire to protect, our natural environment. With over fifteen years of experience working in tropical rain forests and drawing on many of his personal experiences, Nick is sharing his passion for the environment through his conservation themed adventure books for young adults.