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Mouse and the Dragon Crystal

Debbie Tipp

192 pages
Austin Macauley Publishers
When Mouse draws a beautiful picture under a magical old willow tree, little does she know that she would be transported to another world, where luck is against her, and she finds herself trapped and unable to return home.Mouse is soon befriended by Taya, a young female dragon who, curious to find out more about her new found friend, takes her back to meet her family. As news of Mouse's presence quickly spreads far and wide, Taya's parents Mullar and Vecky, quickly come to realise Mouse's importance, and the crucial role she's to play in all of their destinies.Vowing to protect her from those who may want her harmed, the family set off on a long and perilous journey that will test their courage, their loyalty and their love in a way that will change them all, forever.
Author Bio
Deborah Tipp lives in the New Forest, Hampshire with her husband, two sons and step son. She is a normal working mum with a lifelong dream of becoming an author. She was always the girl in English Lessons who wrote 6 pages more than required in her essays and thankfully earned herself ‘A's!