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The Story of Neuroscience

Anne Rooney

208 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited
Neuroscience is the science of the brain and the nervous system. It relates to sensory matters as well as motor. There are some fairly obvious examples, such as Phineas Gage and Spallanzani's frog legs, studies of madness and genius, early physical treatments for psychiatric disorders, the categorization of difference (neurotypical and mad, autistic etc.). In the 20th century, this book deals with cognitive science: theories of intelligence, learning, language development (Chomsky, Piaget, Wittgenstein) and then on to machine intelligence and consciousness (Turing, Dennett), as well as somatizing illness, which relates to sympathetic magic, voodoo and so on.
Author Bio
Anne Rooney gained a degree and then a PhD in medieval literature from Trinity College, Cambridge. She lives in Cambridge. She has written many books on science and technology, and was long-listed for the prestigious Aventis Science Prize in 2004.