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No Heavy Lifting

Globetrotting Adventures of a Sports Media Guy

Rob Simpson

240 pages
ECW Press

- No Heavy Lifting is not a life story, but stories from life. It encompasses elements of sports (hockey), broadcasting, travel, and adventure. Will have a wide appeal.

- Rob Simpson has 3.6K Twitter fans and has done live reporting on a national level for both TSN and Sportsnet. He co-hosts a national talk radio show on the NHL Network, and he will arrange media appearances on TSN, Sportsnet, CBC, and a range of TV and radio outlets across Boston, New York, Detroit, Los Angeles, Seattle, Boise, Honolulu, and beyond.

- Simpson was born in Michigan and has lived in New York and Hawaii.

- For fans of Jay Onrait's Anchorboy and James Duthie's The Guy on the Left.

- Hockey fandom is growing in non-traditional hockey markets across America, as described in the recent extensive profile on the rise of the Nashville Predators in the New York Times (https://www.nytimes.com/2017/05/22/sports/hockey/from-hockey-101-in-nashville-to-a-phd-with-predators.html?_r=0).

Author Bio

Rob Simpson is one of the only human beings in the last five years to bridge the rivalry between TSN and Rogers Sportsnet, having done live reporting and play-by-play for both. Simpson co-hosts a national radio talk show on NHL Network radio and used to host NHL Live in New York. He lives in Toronto; find him on Twitter @simmerpuck. John Shannon, a former longtime hockey broadcast executive, is a Sports Emmy Award–winning analyst and a current panelist on Sportsnet’s Hockey Central.