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Walking in Somebody Else’s Shoes

Suzanne Ludwig

29 pages
Austin Macauley Publishers
Almost everyone has worn shoes during their lifetime! It begins when we are small, and attempt to wear the larger shoes of our father, mother, sister, etc. We attach meaning to a person's shoes, and who wears them. Shoes say a lot about us, including what we may do for an occupation or what we wear to get us through the day. This may include recreational activities, work, and specialized occupations such as floating in space! They may seem like a mundane subject at first glance, but shoes really do make the person. Children know this, and this book will not only show them different types of shoes in a simple-to-understand manner, but will also explain how it feels to 'walk in somebody else's shoes.'
Author Bio
Suzanne Ludwig has been a registered nurse for 13 years. She holds both a degree in Nursing as well as a Bachelors Degree in Journalism.