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Spare Parts

Diana B. Roberts

241 pages
Austin Macauley Publishers
Spare Parts traces a young woman's journey from privileged debutante to committed activist in the late 1960s. Lacey Pierce, recently returned from the Peace Corps, falls in love with young Iowa lawyer, Doug Pierce. Doug has been sentenced to prison for resisting the local draft during the Vietnam War. While waiting for the appeal on the case, Lacey and Doug start a lively commune. Doug wins his appeal and is assigned as civilian counsel for GIs in the military in Japan. In Japan, differences erode the couple's relationship. Returning to the state of New York, the couple enters therapy but the marriage fails. After a lot of dating, Lacey goes home to Boston for a friend's wedding. She visits her father's grave, aware now that her male adventures have been false starts in search of him. She returns to New York, ready to start a new life alone.
Author Bio
Diana B. Roberts, known as Dina, has been a fundraising professional for more than three decades. She has held positions of responsibility in a number of prominent Boston non-profit institutions including: The Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston, The YMCA of Greater Boston, Women's Educational and Industrial Union (WEIU), Boston Medical Center and Milton Academy, of which she is a graduate. Earlier in her career, she served in a variety of positions: speechwriter in the Federal Government in Washington, D.C.; assistant feature editor of the Yomiuri Shimbun, Tokyo's largest English newspaper; Peace Corps Volunteer for two years in Tunisia, North Africa. Diana earned a BFA in Communications from Drake University. She studied literary criticism at Hunter College. She is an avid tennis and squash player and loves to sing in her church choir. Diana enjoys volunteer work. Together she and her husband, Bob Bray, share five children and four grandchildren. They live in Milton, MA.