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Hedonistic Propensities

Taylor McCook

66 pages
Austin Macauley Publishers
From his darkest and most painful days to his bright and sunny days, this collection of poems embodies Issiac and the way he sees the world: painful and beautiful at the same time. Hedonistic Propensities takes a deeper look at what makes his soul shine. You can feel that he is most at home when he is writing. This is Issiac's first collection of poems, including the poems on his Instagram. He has been working on his craft.
Author Bio
Issiac is a young man who leaves it all on the page. His philosophical nature leads him to question, think, and ultimately, write. He loves this life to the beauty and pain that come along with the experience. Some of his darkest moments produce his best work. He is a graduate student studying counselling and loves the field of psychology.