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The Cyclops Revenge

A Jason Rodgers Novel

David Perry

450 pages
Pettigrew Enterprises Llc
In the two years since the near-devastating events at the shipyard in Newport News, Virginia, pharmacist Jason Rodgers has tried to exorcise his demons and cultivate a peaceful, existence with his son, Michael and his true love, Christine Pettigrew. But the past is not easily washed away. Revisiting him in a vengeful and devastating way, Rodgers's latent ghosts rise up once more. In The Cyclops Revenge, Delilah Hussein, reborn and reloaded, the vindictive and resourceful matriarch of an ultra-secret organization, resurfaces wielding retribution aimed at Rodgers as she prepares another devastating blow on America. Rodgers and his family become locked in a mortal struggle with one of the world's most ruthless villains. It is a struggle that will catapult Rodgers from the quiet streets of a working class city in southeastern Virginia; to the power-laden halls and political machinations of Washington and the islands of the Caribbean. Facing the prospect of losing that which he holds most dear, Rodgers will be tested in ways never imagined. And the course of his life will, again, be forever altered. Filled with breathtaking turns and sophisticated prose for which Perry has become known; and populated by a remarkable cast of characters, The Cyclops Revenge is the most explosive thriller of the year; a searing tale of vengeance, sacrifice, courage and love. The Cyclops Revenge, the sequel to the national bestseller The Cyclops Conspiracy is David Perry's best novel yet. David Perry is the author of The Cyclops Conspiracy and Second Chance. He lives in Virginia with his wife, Anne, and their two cocker spaniels. Visit the author's website at: www.davidperrybooks.com
Author Bio
David Perry is a pharmacist and beseelling author. The Cyclops Revenge is his third novel. He lives in Virginia with his wife Anne.