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Love Yourself Love Your Life

Anne Filosa, Psy.D.

196 pages
Anne F Creekmore Psy D
Love Yourself Love Your Life presents a user-friendly method to help you shatter negative belief statements about your own world, and to replace them with positive self-truths and self-worthy claims. Based on the "Laws of Attraction, " this new model for psychotherapy heals childhood wounds so that you can attract what you most desire in your life. This understanding of how thoughts change reality, combined with Shatter Shadow Analysis—a deep therapeutic method to heal trauma—has successfully helped many people. When you release deeply buried negative beliefs from past experiences, you realign your intentions and are able to take your power back; you free yourself to shine the light, and achieve well-deserved peace and happiness. Love Yourself Love Your Life is a transforming work that lifts you up and propels you to create a joyful life, and a joyful world. Shatter Analysis -The name Dr. Anne coined for the clinical model she uses to help people because it transforms a person—shatters inner negativity that a client holds about himself and the world. A person comes in broken, like a broken window pane—and rather than simply patching the broken window, the therapist removes the broken pane and replaces it with the person's Truth, passions and joys to help transform the personality into an authentic individual pattern, like a stained-glass mosaic that truly expresses the individual’s unique beauty and perfection. Also known as Shadow Analysis.